So what's your favorite track?

I have been a Ninendo fan since I was 5, and have really come to appreciate all the little fan services in this game. Especially the music. My favorite track is “Humoresque of a Little Dog” From Earthbound. It has been in my head since I first played Mother 2 about five years ago, and I really lucked out hearing it again. What’s your favorite track?

I have to many favorites. SSBB soundtrack is great!

Anything Kirby gets a solid thumbs up in my book.

Props go to all the music, cept for Metroid, im not so into those songs.

the Golden Sun medley gets an A plus from me as well.

ahh song of wind. team galactic battle. list goes on.

SSBB has an AMAZING soundtrack. My favorite is probably anything Sonic/Star Fox related. Area 6 remix = epic fucking win.

Butter Building, Gourmet Race, Boss Medley… Kirby music is too good!

Tetris Type A remix has a special place in my heart.

I also like both versions of the Star Wolf theme, Corneria from SNES Star Fox, Hop, Hop Donut Lifts! from Yoshi’s Island, and the Dark World Forest theme from Link to the Past.

oh i forgot

the most Clutch song in the entire soundtrack. I mean, if your on your last thread of life, and your opponent is breathing down your neck, and you only have one shot to turn things around…

Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance! - FZero X

too fucking good

Too many to fucking name.

I might have a favorite song on every stage, if not at least 3.

Anything F-Zero related, mainly any version of Mute City and Fire Field.

What can you say about all the music from the Zelda series. Other than it’s a joy listening to it while you play.

Snake Eater and the Metal Gear 2 theme, very beastly.

Battlefield V2 is very epic in scope. The only Battlefield track I have on.

All the Mario remixes are godlike. If they HD Remix Mario 1 and not include that music. It’s a crying shame.

Butter Building could be my favorite song in the whole game.

All the Metroid music, mainly the Ridley Super Metroid remix. Bananas.

The Golden Forest joint from 1080 is the shit.

Some of that Japanese exclusive music like Marionation Gear and Mila’s Divine Protection are some great tracks.

All the DK, Sonic, Star Fox music tracks are great as well.

That Nintendo All-Star mix that plays on the Mario Bros. stage is nasty. I wish some of the tracks in the mix were separate so you could just play with that music. Mainly the Punch-Out theme that’s mixed in there.

Mainly no matter what you like, this soundtrack has something for you.

All of the tracks are great music on their own, without Brawl to accompany it.
But it’s these musical pieces that give Brawl extra depth, that it wouldn’t have without their inclusion.

But I guess this is good a place as any to ask the question: Does anybody know if you can still play music of the SD card, or did they drop that feature?

I really like going to Yoshi’s Island or Shadow Moses Island cause the music is always awsome :rock:

the bramble remix.

Vs Parasite Queen

Bramble Blast (Due to having the awesome Wild Arms composer, it sounds just like Wild Arms music), Fire Field, Ai no Uta, MGS4 Theme, Ike’s Theme.

anything kirby, even though it isnt new the mario sunshine music (I loooove the sunshine music!), motherfucking zelda theme. I havent unlocked all the music yet, does yuzo koshiro do any other songs? thats untapped potential.

The opening music for ssbb, shit gets me hype for no reason.

Masafumi Takada is a composer on the Grasshopper Manufacture titles killer7 and No More Heroes. His involvement in those irreverant games rub off just a bit in his contributions to the Brawl soundtrack. My favorite arrangements by him are Marionation Gear (Chosoju Mecha MG) and Shin Onigashima (from the game of the same name).

The Snake Eater instrumental reminds me why I loved the original song. The original lyrics were pretty cheesy, but “I’d give my life, not for honor, but for youuuuu!~” was pretty powerful thanks to the original vocalist. The instrumental in the game remains an emotional tribute to the film openings of the 1960s.

The Sonic tracks remain classic. They’re composed by Masato Nakamura, who was the lead in a JPOP band called Dreams Come True. That’s why Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks didn’t quite sound like video game music at first; they’re decidedly pop music. Green Hill, Scrap Brain and Emerald Hill Zone sound wonderful to this day. Hideaki Naganuma, who contributed much of the eclectic and funky Jet Set Radio soundtracks also composed the Sonic Rush OST. Right There, Right On shows up in Brawl as a representative of that game’s style, and it’s a wonderful piece.

I’m disappointed there aren’t more tracks from Kenichi Okuma. He’s notable as perhaps the odd man out on the composer list; he’s the only one to have written songs for otaku niche games Welcome to Pia Carrot 3, Gtzendiener and Melty Lancer. His Pokemon track is … okay, but far from the best of the Pokemon related tracks in the game (the Diamond/Pearl tracks are my personal favorites). He also gave us Flat Zone 2, which I liked better than the original Flat Zone track.

Its been said before…and I’ll say it again.
SSBB Soundtrack is too damn good.

I’m pretty much in love with the Pokemon themes in the game.
Dialga/Palkia theme is made of uber win.

Seriously, I’ve noticed the same thing. I could swear the bass lines were composed by Earth Wind and Fire.

Too many of the tracks are instant favourites. The Brawl soundtrack is just that good. I’ll list a bunch of the ones I like:

-Wild Pokemon battle - Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire
-Wario Ware medley
-Golden Sun medley
-Mario Circuit
-Waluigi Circuit
-Underground theme - Super Mario Bros.
-Team Galactic battle
-Elite Four Building
-KK Cruisin’
-Fire Field
-White Land
-Tunnel Scene
-Theme of Tara
-Tetris Type B
-Marx theme
-Super Sonic Racing
-Animal Crossing Wild World
-SSB1 Credits
-Final Destination 2
-Giga Bowser
-Marionation Gear
-Butter Building
-Airship Fortress
-Theme of Samus Aran
-Cooking Navi
-Link’s Awakening medley
-Bramble Blast

And a bunch more…it’d probably be easier to say that I like the whole soundtrack than to list specific tracks.

Too many, to list a few are: Angel Island, Calling into the night, Dream Chaser, Planter Colors, Butter Building, and Cooking Navi DS.