So what's your team?

Street fighter X Tekken has been out for the past 5 days now, and surely you all have been spending countless hours duking it out with your friends and honing your skills in the training room, as have I. That being said, you’ve probably already found out what two characters you want to main and grow with. (Or at least have a good idea of who)

So, tell me, what is your team and why? Do you like how they look together or do you actually feel like they have some chemistry together?

For me, I’m currently maining Juri on point and Jin as battery. Juri is good for making opponents mess up and punishing, while Jin is an awesome defense.

Rolento and Sagat. Rolento is just the ideal lead, since he has great footsies and decent whiff punishes/mobility. Sagat is just perfect for online play, since his damage output is high, his execution threshold is low, and his anti-air punishes are just disgusting.

Sagat has been probably my favorite in SF since the beggining.