So... When do YOU parry?


Has this been asked before? Because if there’s a big, fat thread about when to parry/parry preferences, I’ll just go there.

When do you parry, personally?

After doing overheads?
After getting hit by overheads?
On wake up?
Against wake ups (after landing a knockdown)?
When coming into sweep range (against pokes)?
Against people who come into sweep range?
When jumping in?
Against jump-ins?
After knocking someone out of the air (when you land at the same time)?
After being knocked out of the air?

I know it’s not a good idea to automatically parry in any of these situations (I mean, you try to bait parries and sense throws)… but… is there any one that people find themselves doing very often? Also… any other than I listed?

Explain why…

I just need to know… cuz there are some people that won’t stop parrying! I mean… I can throw them when they wake up… 4 times in a row… then attack cuz I think they’re gonna change on the 5th… AND GET PARRIED!!! :mad: Why do people automatically parry in certain situations?? I’m just asking around cuz I wanna see what makes people tick. Why are we so automatic sometimes? :bluu:


I don’t parry that much at all. I used to but it got me killed all the time:sweat: now this is pretty much it:

Option select on “poking war” (only when they are throwing out mostly feirces or the like)

when in the air, mainly for mind games. (I play a lot of alex so I’ll end up w/ a lot of “empty” jump ins:lol: )

and, when it’s REALLY obvious my opponent is going to do something I can punish.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not to big on it though. I see quite a bit of people that will try and parry something and everything for no reason out of just to parry it, then wonder why they’re lifes gone:rolleyes:



Never parry…ever!!
Block low instead!!!


when do i parry?

all the time:evil:

until i get hit by random bullshit:mad:


yellow likes to parry AA srk xx messatsu gohadou xx srk xx messatsu gohadou xx rh tatsumaki :smiley:


I’d just throw out standing jabs on jumping parries… They’re too easy to bait if you ask me…

What’s this “option select on ‘poking war’” bit? I mean… I know option select can help when you want to parry wake ups… but outside of sweep range? Are you suggesting that I tap toward + jab against a Chun-Li that’s throwing out fierces all the time? Nigga please! (Unless it works :sweat: ) I wouldn’t have thought of it because… I’d rather not get smacked, you know? Can anyone confirm that this works?

Yeah… I don’t try to parry everything… but if there came a situation where I had to block, I’d rather parry instead… of course, you can’t anticipate everything… and in those cases, I’d block… but you can kind of tell when someone wants to attack instead of throw, no?

I like what mopreme said… shit is classic. :lol: Yeah, I agree… It’s just that I’m actually able to use them now… and… you know… I’m kind of hypnotized into trying at the moment. I’ll stop when I get confident enough, of course… but for now, I’m just checking things out.

I hate moves that are like… “parry overheads…” You know… attacks you can block low but MUST parry high? I mean… if you can block it low, you should be able to parry low. Ever since I found out about “parry overheads” I’ve lost a lot of respect for the game. :bluu: I’ll still play it, but shit is designed for turtles. Bah!


Are you suggesting that attacks such as Ken’s standing roundhouse or Chun-Li’s fierce should be parried low (since you can block them low)? Wouldn’t everyone just be low parrying all the time then?


Arg, my bad I ment when I’m throwing out fierces:p (it was late when I posted)
A lot of people I play like to use interupting jabs and shorts. When I option select a fierce/RH It deters that kinda thing, giving me a slight advantage in that area:D
sorry for the confusion lol



You should parry al least the 30% of the time. Have you seen japan matches? they dont parry for anything that is a fireball or some moves that dont require too much ability (Sa, combos moves that are too long).


don’t parry unless you have to
better to block instead and retaliate after

only time you parry, is if you KNOW that they are going to throw a move out and it will get parried

blind parrying isn’t recommended


what you need to do is input parry commands in your regular movement. “psychic parry” is very effective. if you’re close to them, tap down or forward before blocking…


What is “option select?”


option select is when you hit down and jab+short at the same time. 3 possible outcomes. You either 1. low parry 2. tech a throw 3. c.jab comes out.

This happens because there are only 3 universal throws, towards, back, and neutral. However, you can tech a throw by hitting jab+short regardless of joystick position. Furthermore, since, you’re tapping down, you’re inputting a parry. Lastly, if the opponent does nothing and is trying to bait out a puishable move, the only thing that comes out is a safe c.jab.

basically, it takes out most of the guess work involved in waking up in 3rd Strike, all you have to worry about are overheads and mid hits that have to be parried high.


Actually, the SF think tanks say parrying should be done 32% of the time. 51% of the time you should be throwing out mediums, and 18% of the time you should jump. 1% of the time should be spent wondering why people throw out bullshit statistics like they mean something. Dumbass.


I dont care about statistics, I just gave a number for how much do I parry. You are the 1% of people who read the statistics!!! DUMBASS


um, aren’t you the dumbass who threw the statistic out in the first place?

oh that’s right, you were!

If you don’t care, then don’t spout out a random ass number in the first place like it was a suggestion or some shit. Say, “I parry 30% of the time.” or something to that effect, because, otherwise, it’s meaningless.


Well, its just a number, but next time just for u Im gonna put: well if someone throws u a fireball–parry, and so on…or I usually parry 3 or 4 or maybe 5 times, wait!! probably 6 or 7 times…


WTF? :lol: That’s the funniest thing I’ve read the whole day.

People are right. Only parry if you really need to otherwise the risk exceeds the reward; especially if you are fighting Ken, Chun, Yun with SA3 activiated and Hugo. Red parry is of course, a whole other ball game… I suggest red parrying 45% of 20% of the moves you block :slight_smile:


er, ok. so i’d redparry blocked sa1 from ibuki or sa1 from twelve for no good reason other than the fact that one should redparry 20% to 45% of the times. (what the fuck is the reasoning behind these numbers, anyone care to explain?)

what about ken sa3 or chun sa2? they are less meaningless redparrying, but why the hell not block and punish anyway?

someone close this thread before it degenerates further ;(.


But threads are only closed 6% of the time, so I don’t know if the MOD will be able to close this one…