So when is SFxT getting its own section?

I figure it’s about time…there are plenty of characters that need their own threads now. MvC3 got its own forums almost immediately after it was anounced and all we had to go on there was a cinematic trailer, not a shred of gameplay.

I agree. Plus it’d be really nice to have a “New information ONLY” thread like when Super got announced so people could have a place to get caught up.

Also, characters are starting to get announced at a steady pace and without character threads/subforums, it’s getting a bit cluttered in the Street Fighter X Tekken thread.

I agree. We already have a lot of info, discussing that is getting complicated when we only have one thread for everything, specially when someone brings up Poison.

Agree with you guys!


Yes,. please.

stay free daigo

EDIT: oops wrong thread

Agreed make it happen.

I agree as well. If necessary, I’ll even help moderate it until it can get proper section mods.

huh? MvC3 didn’t get its own forums until it was near release.

No. MvC3 got its own forums before EVO2k10.

I don’t remember this but okay.

So is this like a signing? If so, I will sign. It’s as d3v previously said, MK9 has a full on forum on a site name I think this awesome, super hype cross-over by Capcom (Strictly featuring SF no less) should get a thread.

Awesome random post. :rofl:

i nominate me as a mod :slight_smile:

I agree that it should have its own section will all the information we have now. I wouldn’t mind going through the thread separating the game mechanics, character info and ect so it can be organized.

The game isn’t close to being finished yet and the release date is not until March

It doesn’t need it’s own section yet

keep ignoring the fact that mvc3 got its own section way before being close to be finished, iirc after evo 2k10

MvC3 had a bigger following than SF x Tekken

I doubt it.
SFxT will be the best fighting game next year.



What do you mean it will be “the best fighting game next year”?