So when is SFxT getting its own section?

Nah, I wasn’t really serious. It’s a matter of taste of course, but I think Street Fighter x Tekken is the most anticipated Fighting Game at the moment. :slight_smile:

Oh i’m looking forward to it, I just think we should wait a bit longer before we give it its own section

Like I said in the OP, MvC3 got its own section before we even got so much as ONE DAMN SECOND of gameplay. We have half the roster revealed in this game and we still haven’t gotten a section for it.

Yeah I agree. Plus we can get topics for character discussion/requests/Poison’s gender and whatnot.

This game needs it’s own section already. We have enough hands-on info and gameplay footage to justify it.

Yeah. It’s pretty fucking annoying discussing character-specific topics all in one thread. Can’t wait for the game to get its own section AND getting character sub-forums. Poison FTW!

I also agree it needs a section :smiley:

PM wiz about a new section