So which is worse? PS2 or X-Box version?

We all know that the dreamcast version will reign supreme forever, but which is it’s second? Some guy today told me that x-box is the worst but I have to disagree. I definitely think the PS2 sucks way more. I’ve locked that game up just by having 2 assists out at the same time. Not to mention that I’ve NEVER even slowed down the X-Box version which is something I can’t say even for the dreamcast.

What do you guys think? I think I’m right in every way.

PS2 by far

can someone give reasons to the guy why ps2 or xbox is worse?

my friend has the xbox version and its slow as hell (yes it was on the right speed)

ps2… the sound effects sound like they’re talking into empty cans

ps2… some sprites have actually changed in size (99.99999999999% combos work)

some characters lose invincibility (cyclops doesn’t gene splice through ahvb, but does against tksh… go figure?

ps2 version has a slight lag… it’s REALLY hard to get,, rocket punch to hit… the assist needs to load up cuz ps2 is low on memory

ps2 IS the xbox version, with more slowdown, random freezing, and those things up there

If someone just wanted to learn the combos from it, would it be alright to play on?


On xbox I cant go cr. lk+rocket punch, cr. lk with mags, it doesn’t combo.
I also have trouble doing Iron mans Infinite, I lose them after the third time or if I slow down my imput the recover. Maybe it’s just my lack of skills but I think that air recovery is a bit faster in this version.
Also does PS2 have that glitch where if you counter the character leaving can still get hit(very lame).

I learned IM infinite on DC, and hopped to my PS2 version just fine. It’s probably your lack of skills.

the timing isn’t any different.

on ALL versions, for the,, rp to connect, you must delay the second a bit so that you can lag it a tid bit. if you do it too instantly, the game wont connect it because of lack of frames of hit stun on his