So while we have no avatars...ABC 16?

A contest during SF4 release?

Such awesome timing! :sad:

Oh shit, gl0ry’s in this one?


damnit… I wish I had some talent because I have a great idea for an animated gif :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well - maybe I’ll start playing with my wifes macbook… I got her CS4 so I should probably at least learn some photoshop :slight_smile:

quiche, when is the latest we can submit an avatar on sunday night (just so we know how much time we have that day to continue working on an entry)?

About 5 AM EST on Monday morning.


Hey quiche

I’m curious. How many animated avs have been submitted so far?


Hey, I have a question concerning animated .gif avatars. I try to upload a 29KB gif for my avatar, but SRK denies it saying that you can only use 19.5KB for an avatar. But I see people on SRK with avatars higher than 19.5KB, I see some with 40KB for example. How is this done?

If you pay for premium membership, the limits go up to 48.8kb


P.S.: Glad to see avatars are back!

Ah, I see… Thanks.

Wait a second, I just saw a guy with a gif avatar that had 48.72KB, and he wasn’t Premium. Is there something wrong here, or can you hide your Premium thing?


that just means his premium membership expired.

ill cook something up

:sad: only 2…

hope we get some more of those in to make the prize actually competitive and not a “show up and win” type affair.

There outa be a requirement - no prizes if less than X applicants… I think 8 is a good number.

i’ve got a general idea for the av i want to make, so i’ll probably work on it all day saturday. school work and street fighter iv consume every part of my life.

Where are the prizes for the non-animated avatars?! I finished my non-animated av a few days ago, I’ll be working on the animated one on Saturday.

I’m feeling you on that. 8 may be a bit too much, but what’s the point of offering prizes if only 4 people are going to enter. I’m still going to keep the prizes as they are since I try to be a man of my word, but it makes me :sad:.

Maybe it’s just that not enough time has gone by yet for ppl to finish their work on the animated ones. Yeah, I’ll go with that.

yeah same here, it should be a point system. animated and still ava for the prize… cuzz not that many entrance , probably due to not being able to acess srk when its always down =/

Yeah right now we don’t really have enough entrants to bother with prizes.

This is why I stopped doing these in the first place. Everybody gets hyped and says they’ll enter, but in the end, no one does.