So, who all is not going?

First one in.


you’re not going either?

Not until The United States of America forgives me my sins. On that day I shall WALKIFIHAVETO all the way to Vegas and sit in a park patiently until the next EVO.

So yea ( or no O_o ) I am not going. I will however, pour out some of my water that I’m drinking for all futer ( and current ) posters of this thread.

funny, 2 Zangief users not going to EVO in the same year…such sadness.

guess the cold war still on

Not going. Haven’t gone since 2k5. For some reason some higher power will allow me to get a job just after Evo but get laid off once it seems I will be able to attend Evo.

I wont be able to make it. Just started my classes this week and no moneys.

lol I posted in your last years ( or the year before ) thread too.

i’m not going, thought i had no one to go with until last minute my friend decides he’s going… i spent half my evo fund on a TE + plexi + buttons + dualmod.

…320$$ gone. >_>

Oh well, going for sure next year.

Really? Wylde!

E-M-I-L. :lol: :rofl:

nobody will miss me lol

I was so hyped up earlier this year thinking evo would be in august, which would be fine for me because I would be in the states, but july = cant make it =(

good luck to everyone who is playing, I will be keeping an eye on mike ross this year. I get to watch a lot of youtube videos here in the DR and he is shining right now.

Thanks to the economy and my previous job freaking out, I will watching the stream all weekend.

Who’s that? I heard of him before. I also heard he was supposed to challenge a Jion_Wansu in any Mortal Kombat game…

2010 … get hype.

Will not be attending this year. Wish I was going.

I gambled too much when baseball season started, I had planned on going, but couple thousand later and I’m broke lol