So ... Who Do YOU Main? Why?

I’m curious to see what guides the SRK Marvel community in character choice. Personally, I gravitate toward the “Classiest” character I find (Anakaris, Dudley). However, the closest thing we have here is a low-mid tier dwarf that shits blades all over the screen, so f**k that shit.

Now I’m currently trying to find the best possible way to make team “Final Fight”, so I’m going to be running X/Haggar/Strider. Even then, I’m not sure where on the spectrum of tiers vs loyalty that sits upon. Hell, sometimes I’ll even use Akuma/Dorm/Sentinel when I want to bring out the cheap stuff.

Now it’s your turn, SRK. Who do you main in this game, and why did you settle upon them? (Tiers, Loyalty, Coincidence, Playstyle …)

u shuld play tron because she throws rocks

I have two teams that I play evenly:

Tron/Thor/Ghost Rider

I love Tron and have since Vanilla, Thor is my favorite Marvel character (I was playing this shell and didn’t optimize my combos until I saw ABEGEN). Ghost Rider is like Dhalsim and my friends rage when I play him.

my second team:


3 Gods on one team, not bad when played together. I learned the Dorm/Shuma shell from Angelic and Thor on point DHC into Stalking Flare is stupid damage.

I use zero doom strider.
Zero because i loved megaman growing up, especially the x series.

Doom becase MF doom is my nigga

Strider because i think he makes doom perfect.

I picked Firebrand because I wanted a good excuse to play Dormammu and they make a cheap pair. Doom makes it cheaper.

I’d love to see some Firebrand/Dormammu tech

I like to play Hulk because he is my favorite Marvel character. Wesker, because well he is just devious in the RE series. Doom, just for the rocks or beam assist.
I also main Wolvie because he is my second favorite Marvel character follow by Deadpool. I just can’t seem to make Dead Pool work for me.

Dormammu is my favorite Marvel villain of all time. I would’ve also played Thor if the game accurately represented his Classic incarnation but we got generic Thor instead.

Most of the other characters I use (Trish, Vergil, Dante, Magneto, Doom, etc.) are there to fill certain roles for Dormammu. I do have a soft spot for Vergil, Magneto, and Hsien-Ko though. I used to main Hsien-Ko until it was obvious that no new tech would raise her past bottom-tier. Currently I run a Dormammu/Dante shell and use other characters to counter my opponent.

Phoenix Wright/Dante/Arthur

Wright cause I’m a big fan of his games mainly and I DO think Wright is better then what most people think(By not much). Dante well was running haggar 2nd spot but decided to pick up dante for his Jam session assist and thc option for Wright. As for anchor I picked Arthur cause again I love the games and his assist is good, its just tied to him which I don’t mind…also was using doom anchor but meh he is on every team(I do like him as a villain).

dormammu/wesker/strider and zero/wesker/strider

zero because he is cheap, builds a lot of meter and kills everyone in one hit.

dormammu because he can do everything and the 2C1D mix is my favorite move in the game. hes also a thinking mans character.

wesker because i’m a resident evil fanboy.

strider because his assist is gdlike, xf3 strider is gdlike and i used him in mvc2.

Akuma because Akuma
Wesker because DC Douglas

I only really main Viper ATM and just build teams around her. Like stylish, execution centered female types and she has a cool theme song too. The hype of her being a top tier helps also. I also mained X23 and Dante in Vanilla for similar reasons, but dropped 23 and only recently went back to Dante. I play a lot of the cast since a lot of the characters are very twitchy and mix up/execution centric.

Whenever I start playing a fighting game, I look for the weird characters and the girls and try them out. My first team was Dormammu/Tron/Sentinel in Vanilla. I was pretty uninformed about the game back then but I kinda wish I had stuck to it, haha. I was determined to main Dormammu at the time because I thought he was completely bad ass. I still do, but I’m in a huge team crisis with him and haven’t found a replacement.

Now I play Nova/Doom/Ammy because I have never really seen anyone else play it and I like the way it works. Doom/Ammy in general is my favorite shell to play in this game and I feel in control even after my point character dies.

I try to at least learn the relevant characters in a given game so I can see exactly how they tick and what their weaknesses are. RE: Spencer. Hated fighting that son of a bitch, now I enjoy playing him and understand his flaws.

Most of my teams involve Dante and IronMan because:

  1. Dante and IronMan are my favorite two characters on either side.
  2. Jam Session and Unibeam can support any character.
  3. I enjoy playing low tier.

Captain America’s my main as he was the most fun character in Vanilla to me (shield slash loops, Ken123103’s tech) and he has since become my favourite character.

I’m also a character loyalist, so I stick with him and just try to find teams and ways to make him work best.

Zak Bennet


I play these teams because they are fun. I rush down with Felix and zone out with Morrigana.

Taskmaster, because I honestly never thought he will ever be in a marvel game. Just turned out to be pretty awesome. Dante, because he is flashy and I was really happy that his moveset got easier to do. Then Doctor Strange, when I saw the Ryan Hart videos I though Strange would be pretty interesting. I also technically “main” Arthur but lets face it, he is horrible.

Megaman X4 is like my favorite game ever, and all because Zero is fun as HELL to play as. X is alright, but a little too easy.

Favorite Marvel hero. Also liked the idea of playing a “low tier” (even though I consider him pretty high), so that helped me stick with him.

Favorite Marvel Villian. Other then that, he has a great assist which works for Zero and Spidy.

Magfuckingneto/Doctor Strange/Vergil. Magneto just IS Marvel. No one even comes close to being as fun to play. Doctor Strange is a motherfucking wizard; spells and shit. Vergil I don’t care about. Never found a third that I’m as hype about. As far as I’m concerned it’s a 2 man show. Vergil is just there to win games and bring the salt