SO Who do YOU Main?


For those who have the game already, who do YOU main?
Who are you trying to learn to play.
And who do you think your worst match-up is.


I main Mitsuru and Labrys, I won’t really have much problem with anyone really except Naoto and Yukiko.
Currently, I am working on Akihiko because of his stylish combos.


yeah, ahikiko sanada is just pure manliness compact into a 2d set of animations. Mitsuru and Labrys are pretty cool too.


currently maining elizabeth, worst match up with her is narukami since she has low health and narukami does massive damage.
i’m trying to learn akihiko due to pure awesomeness.


S.Labrys and Kanji, with a bit of Mitsuru, I’m still unsure on who’d be my main >__<

its too early to tell for what MUs are good/bad, but Chie is fucking me up right now lol.


If you couldn’t tell already, Aigis. Akihiko on the side as well.


Can’t be as bad as the CHIE we knew in 1.02,
Kanji has like 4-5 bad match-ups which gets really tiresome with the small cast we have right now, but hey once a Persona fan always a Persona fan.
I’d say a bit of both S. Labrys and Mitsuru since they both fuck shit up, and side-main Kanji for shits and giggles.


I’m trying to decide between Yukiko, Naoto, Elizabeth and Chie right now. I always liked Liz, Yukiko was my favorite in P4 and I started liking Chie while I was watching P4 The Animation. Naoto…was my least favorite back in P4 but damn, I love playing her here!


Don’t even bother using Elizabeth, she is just plain horrible
Yeah that high damage is NOT worth it, You can do equivalent EASILY as Yu.
Yeah, that constantly gaining Meter, is NOT worth it either.
The most you’re gonna do half the time is be on your own corner of the screen spamming Thanatos and shit, It just gets stupid playing as Elizabeth based on you pretty much have to zone to win with her to not die.
She’s so fucking slow, almost slower than Kanji it’s ridiculous of how many times you’ll lose as her.
She will get bodied by a lot of characters maybe Kanji the least since that’s a bad MU for him.



Because Fsteak and the Kung Fu characters I usually like to try out a lot nowadays.

And Elizabeth is a beast. You have to explore the character a bit to really utilize her stuff well. If you have an interest in using Elizabeth, check out this combo video:


I main your mom

every night:coffee:


I main Sol Badguy, Raoh and Ragna.


Is it bad if i luaghed at the last two posts?
cuz i did.


It’s funny because even with those characters aren’t even in the game,
They’re used more than Teddie.


lol Thanks for the info, I haven’t gotten to play much this weekend due to work so I spent most of my playtime thus far doing challenges (lol stuck in the 20s for most chars). Right now Elizabeth really is one of my favorite characters to play despite all the BS she’s got going on with her. Yeah, her defense makes me sad, but I like her too much so I’m trying to stick it out. As for Yu, I don’t really want to use him even if he would make my life a little easier.


Yu’s learning curve is really fast, he’s very easy to use since he doesn’t have a lot of moves.


He’s just not a character that I want to play. lol


I’d use him just because he cheats on every girl he meets for shit and giggles but you can use Elizabeth if you want, Elizabeth is not my kind of character.


Mitsuru because tier whoring with tits is what I do.


I like delinquents. I like smacking people with chairs. so who else could I play but Kanji.