So who do you think is the most entertaning Chun Li Player

Ok, so all of us (or at least the vast majority) hate chun li
her gameplay is boring, so the only reasons to watch chun li matches are if you either main her, or you’re watching a hype money match or something, ok its interesting if your hear about a video or chun li loosing against a low tier too but anyway

My point
who is the chun li player who you actually enjoy watching?
again, this is not a "who is the best chun li?"
Because in my personal opinion Nuki is the best chun li but he is no fun to watch, he goes straight for a cold boring kill, just like JWong.

This is about Chun Li players who are actually fun to watch

In my opinion MOV is just a great player
it just seems to me that he actually tries to be creative



Joke thread.

MOV and Rikimaru are the best chuns AND the most entertaining. nuki is nowhere near MOV’s level anymore.

MOV or Rikimaru are the most entertaining to me. Saying Nuki isn’t near MOV’s level makes no sense: how do you even know that? His last SBO performance? That’s just one [albeit the biggest] tourney.

it just seems that nuki’s been slipping off the chart. mov just seems lightyears ahead of everyone else (and since he plays chun i would hands down put him as best player) since like 2006 now

as for best chun, i really don’t see how chun is any less boring to watch than say yun but yeah in particular mov/rikimaru. kochun is interesting to watch.

waiting until someone says tokido as well :3

Amir / Koushun(sp?)

MOV is fun to watch because the man is absolutely flawless.
Tokido is a top level chun but I don’t see anything particularly amusing about him.
Nuki controls matches very well, kara throws a lot.

But yeah, the first two are who I like to watch

tokido is amusing for being not amusing

Rikimaru is pretty entertaining.
I also like watching some of the non-Chun players in Japan using her like Boss or KO.

i think people who think chun is boring ,is because they not understand the game well …chunli is about footsie is about understand distances, poke and reaction speed.
for me the most “fun to watch” is nuki and tokido …they know so much shit but the most of players not understand deep stuff because they watch vids like “no think” and get bored because the impatience

for example i think justin wong is really good chunli …he have a sick reaction speed like evo08 vs nuki finals (chun vs chun) he punish some whiff nuki c.forward with sa2 or tech a lot of grabs and block so much

I do understand the game, probaly better than you.
and Chun IS boring to watch

Its fun to PLAY, but not to watch unless like I said before, you either main her or you’re watching a hyper match.
Even chun li vs chun li is fun to play but never to watch

I wouldnt look at some dude Ive never heard of’s Chun Li vs Chun Li matches unless people whove seen it would say its really really good.
Otherwise its not worth it.

its fair to say i wouldn’t really know for sure but i’ll tell you why i said that.
from watching both of their matches for years you can see MOV’s answers to every character specific situation are just better. He has stronger reactions and keeps control of the matches in every single scenario, nuki lets himself get put into bad positions in comparison to MOV.

watch the yakkun vs. nuki set and then watch the MOV cooperation cup 9 set. MOV’s style is not just different its better, much better.

this is all my opinion of course, chun is my main and having been in those situations allot of times i’ve done what nuki does and when i started seeing why MOV was doing what he was doing i realized how much stronger and deeper his game is.

just my opinion of course but i think if you compare matches of both of them and try both of their answers to different scenarios you’ll agree MOV is on a whole different level.

i wouldn’t say to take my word for it, look at it and test it yourself and see what you think. i appreciate you calling me out on that.

Honestly, I enjoy watching MOV or Rikimaru more than most other Chun’s, but I would still say that Nuki is probably the best overall Chun Li player in the world.

Nuki is raping ppl left and right in the Coop cup ranbats

ppl probably think MOV is better just cuz of his performance at SBO…but considering that Nuki nearly smacked every single team by himself at SBO3 it says a lot about Nuki knowing match ups

i still say Nuki is better…i like watchin Nuki, Rikimaru, MOV, and K.O

!(_)!, where can I get your avatar?

Kochun is defintely the most entertaning Chun Li Player.


Saying Nuki is better is just ignorant. I hate to dip in the “Nuki vs MOV” water but I’m pretty sure if you look at past events and matches, it’s very clear that MOV is on another level. Chinta destroyed Nuki, while MOV destroyed Chinta with a broken hand, winning the tournament.

Amir wins my vote as most entertaining.

and mov won sbo4

i mean if you don’t take in to account sbo6… there’s not much else to compare. i don’t think i’ve seen them face off except in sbo

im not ingnorant :sad:

as i said if your lookin at SBO matches…Nuki nearly tore up every single team in the tournament only letting Daigo play 2 times

plus Nuki beat MOV in SBO3 under a different name…MOV was teamed up with Match and he beat Daigo and played Nuki and lost

but eh ill be asking questions when i get over there especially since its during SBO time about whos stronger

and then SBO4 MOV said “i came all this way to crush ohnuki , please cheer me on” and then proceeded to do just that!

KO curse got to him lol

<- jealousssssssss :sad: