So who do you think is the most entertaning Chun Li Player

Riki has an interesting Chun. He red-parries and wake up parries randomly(really risky) and it works. He also has really good hit confirming skills. Comparing him to other pro chuns, he has a unique style than is fun to watch

damn it’s been a while since I been in here.

Nica I’m going to Japan too, not sure around SBO time though since it’s soon this year I think.

MOV in my eyes is the best. Riki is definitely a near contender too. I’d put Nuki just below those two, he plays a lot of other games and it’s almost that he doesn’t have the edge just because he doesn’t put as much time as the other two, which is fair.

MOV and Amir really play the same to me, so I like to watch them both.

MagMan, when are you going to Japan? I’m probably going to be there for around a month from late July to the 3rd week in August.

I’m tryna go around that time in August as well. I’m not sure for how long…maybe 2-3 weeks if funds allow :confused:

I’m pretty sure I remember hearing that the japanese top players believed the only players that were near Kuroda’s level were MOV and Hayao.

Aside from that, I also believe MOV is rediculous, better than Nuki. I like Rikimaru too but I haven’t seen nearly as much of him as MOV.

I like MOV…just because he played when his hand was injured…lol jk but yeah I like watching MOV because he does alot of random stuff :smiley:

well SBO starts on aug 14 (same date as last year)…its Evo thats gonna be early this year

i heard that somewhere too but it was at that time i heard that Nuki was the best chun but idk as i said ill be asking questions when i get over there…as well as playing to see for myself…but HEY who else is goin to japan

this is my first year going so i wanna actually know what im doing in that country that wont look dumb to the ppl over there =\

I went to Japan last summer and I’m planning to go this year again (mainly for SBO), although this will be my first time for something like SBO. Any peepz that can give me some main info and pointers on SBO ?

fuck chun

seriously, when a chun player goes aggressive is really good to watch. Last SBO, K was playing hella good. But I think I also like Rikimaru’s style of play, he usually goes for risky stuff (the red parry on shoto’s c.lp,, c.lp)

Getting the red parry on c.short, c.jab, c.short or c.short x3 is easy and not risky at all. You’re looking to red parry the very last hit most of the time, and no one -NO ONE- is going to super you if they only hit you with one short, unless they committed to the super beforehand.

Red parrying the 2nd hit is more dangerous because of other factors.

'Uh…I seldom find anything done by the -uns to be entertaining (Yun/Chun), but Amir is the most entertaining Chun, I suppose (I’m just going by matches I’ve seen). I ALSO agree w/ the poster who likes to watch non-Chun players play Chun–like Boss (I’ve seen those few, supposed matches of his).

Nuki ftw

You guys know any non SA2 chun players
I remember seeing one in a ranbat that didnt say the player’s name
I thought he was really entertaining

JD, you must have given up on guile in sf4, the old av is back

My vote goes to Rikimaru. He’s always so clutch at SBO, even against Kuroda!