So Who Else Got Windows 8?


Alright the “consumer preview” of Windows 8 got realeased today which you can download for FREE from here:

Now I’ve been following this whole metro UI interface for a while now, but upon using it I find it very weird. I don’t possibly see this replacing the desktop interface, but I guess you gotta give it time and see what’s good.

Also, the lack of a start button is mind blowing…


I’ll be skipping Windows 8 as it reminds me too much of a smart phone.

There’s also the fact that it really doesn’t offer too much over Windows 7.


Enough “they changed it now it sucks” feedback should do it. Remember the fud when WinXP was gonna do away with desktop icons?


Well, I can really see the average Joe who buys a PC at Costco getting frustrated really easily. I keep playing with it and discovering new things, but a couple of things do have to change(which I think will). I really see the potential of the Metro UI, especially on tablets as I’m using it. However, I find that a lack of a true Strart menu really frustrating.


Feels like Windows 7 just came out honestly.


looks pretty cool

so can i play Xbox games on my pc?


I’m not gelling with Windows 8 quite yet. I could see myself loving it if my monitor was touch-sensitive.


I’m curious. Do you guys buy Windows because you have to, or because you want to. e.g., if you’re a PC gamer I can see the need, but outside of that, I don’t know, I just don’t see the appeal. This isn’t me bashing on Windows, I want to know why you guys buy/use it.


its a bit of a mess right now. i need more time with it.



so do I need any special specs to run it?


Damn, Windows 8 already? I’m still on XP!


Get dat Linux! :tup:


I haven’t been following this too closely. Is it accurate to just call it Windows 7 + a UI for ARM tablets (that I don’t have)? Or is there something else?


^ sounds about right

I wont bother with the “beta” now. probably gonna try it when the real thing is out.

windows7 is pretty damn good as is. and my os is running on a sata3 ssd drive. things are…FAST!


I still got a working Windows 95 PC at home.





Lol I already set up my computer to run with Metro UI over a year ago with Rainmeter so I’m making a totally lateral movement.


I’ll probably use it, why not right? I mean after all, I like my OS like I like my opponents…




Took me awhile to get it setup last night on a virtualization. First of all, I wanna discuss that I really didn’t have many issues with it running in a virtualization (I used VirtualBox and VMware). I read a lot of people whining, but for the most part, it seems like they’re running Windows 8 in a virtualization and bitching about metro.

Wow, Metro(sexual) is a hot mess. I didn’t really even mess around with it much, it looked like a website full of shitty ads, or the XBOX360 dashboard after a one night stand with a transvestite. One of the first things i did, was go back to the OG style Windows layout. Then I pressed the windows key, and my eyes got raped again by Metro. I will post how to disable Metro and go old school, at the end of my mini-review (thank GOD it’s dead at work). Basically, metro is for old people, people who have never used PC’s, small children, pets, and the mentally challenged. Also, its OBVIOUSLY more designed for XBox 720, Windows 8 Phones, and Windows 8 Tablets. Any business that installs this in the office, for more than one or two test pc’s, is fucking full blown retarded. I’m talking Simple Jack in a Donald Duck costume molesting I Am Sam in a Daffy Duck costume, and having a baby somehow congeal from all the drool, levels of retarded. I’m a keyboard kinda guy, I rarely use the mouse unless I need to click a lot of links, and even then Tab accomplishes most of what I want. Metro seems like a full screen start menu that went wrong (probably when they decided to add ad’s to it). Fortunately it still works like the current start menu, more or less. Press windows key, then type a few letters, and see for yourself.

On the plus side, keyboard shortcuts, and right click menu’s, have been improved. Ones that weren’t working properly now work again properly, and there are much more of them. Copying files is now quite well done. No more random times, or pauses, or stupiditiy. Looks like the new windows file system isn’t a complete joke :stuck_out_tongue:

However, Windows Explorer ribbons made me want to skull fuck my own eyes. The on/off toggles and going through custom install was also a little annoying, but I figure that will go away after I install Windows 8 a few dozen times. Windows 8 requires a lot of resources too. I had to dedicate 4 gigs of RAM to it, and 256 megs of video RAM, just to run it somewhat optimally. However, I also was running in a virtualization, and had a lot of shit running in my Windows 7. Probably could have run it on less, but what’s the point?

End conclusion? This is going to be an OS marketed towards the eldery, idiots, or people who aren’t tech savvy. Or fans of Android and iPhones. Is it a good OS? Time will tell. While there is a lot I don’t like about it, I only fucked around with it for like 4 hours last night, and didn’t really install anything on it. Vista and Windows 98 and Windows ME all sucked donkey cock when they launched, but by Service Pack 1, you started seeing the brilliance emerge. I won’t buy this for any of my current PC’s, I will admit that now. There is a SLIGHT chance, depending on how the Windows Kinect does, I could run it on my current PC, but everything I see points to me buying a dedicated Windows 8 PC some time in the next year or two. People looking at buying a new PC soon, should probably wait until Windows 8 launches first, and Windows 8 PC’s start coming out (with integrated Kinect camera’s, and proper screen sizes/resolutions).


How to disable Metro


I’ve read several different fixes, have yet to try them all out. I hear they work, then I hear some people bitch they don’t 100% work. Feel free to try em out.

  1. Click the Desktop “Tile”
  2. Open up File Manager and point your browser to C:\Windows\System32\
  3. Rename shsxs.dll to old_shsxs.dll
  4. Confirm UAC Dialog Prompt
  5. Reboot the Operating System
  6. On the new login screen, click the mouse button and drag up
  7. Login to the machine
  8. Your operating system should act like a proper desktop OS instead of a tablet port.

…But I think that just disables metro on startup

alternatively, you can go to REGEDIT and try this:

“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer” in regedit, set “RPEnabled” to “0”. supposedly it completely disables all the Metro and Ribbon stuff in Explorer…but I’ve heard that only worked in the Developer version


Two years ago. Not long at all.


Nice write-up SoVi3t. I won’t be using Windows 8 for a while since there is (currently) no point. Other than the UI improvements to some areas (Task Manager got a very damn nice change IMO), better boot times (which are also really good, but who turns off their PC anyway?), and the new filesystem (which I don’t think is in the preview build as it is) there is no reason UNLESS I can buy XBLA games and play them on my PC. Then they have a winner and will get installed in a heartbeat.