So who had the best pop-off in 3s

Simple question. Could be an American player, Japanese, whoever. Just wanna know who people thought was the best player at calling people out and starting shit :stuck_out_tongue:

this is socal 3rd strike.flv


i nominate that alex player who stomps all day. can’t think of his name.

Dude, where can I find this? I can’t seem to locate it anywhere.

The youtube account that hosted that video got banned for something, I think

Yeah the video is removed, I just noticed yesterday much to my annoyance.

Such a bummer I was trying to show the vid to my pals and I couldn’t seem to find it on any corner of the internets.


yeah you! That’s always how I imagine you look like too. Your venomous banter was infamous and made noobs cry.

MattxChin > *

this isn’t even a contest. you can’t fuck with GOD

Where can I find some exemplary case material?

There is a risk of flashbacks and/or seizures if you watch a Matt Chin play. It is said that by simply hearing his voice, you can die. So he has his brother, Eric Chin, speak for him. You must never look Eric in the eyes, though because he will turn your heart to butter. That is why you must look at Pherai-kun when you speak to Eric. Before you can speak to Pherai, though, you have to save the 7 princesses and guide them to the holy land where you will have to subdue Ramos, the gatekeeper.

Socal thing, don’t worry about it.

was that the vid with the orange oro player taunting the jab denjin ryu outside the game on h2h cabs?

damn, now i understand why everyone says cali 3s is so high level.

Yeah the Oro was Bebop

Haha ok. I’m just going to forget about the Chin thing.

It’s tough… Living in the South and loving 3rd Strike… Too much bad Marvel, and SF4…

I think you meant it’s tough living in the US. Probably living anywhere but Japan even.

Los Angeles, Mexico.