So who here is actully landing that new SAII combo?

I cant even get off the rh kara-dp!

Anyone got any tips?

Seems like a nasty combo but I dont know if my execution is up to par to make it practical.

im still working on the landing SAII part…

What part of the super are you having problems on?

I recently have been about 98% on that super, but it took me months to get down.

the only reason i still fuck up is when switching between DC and arcade, the timing is a little different.

i will either not get the fierce out and go into super… or i will do fierce and completely ass out on the double fireball…

its all random th0… sometimes i can be at like 85%, or i can be as bad as 10%

i have better chance doing it on 1P side than 2P

well, I usally hold back on the joystick. that way I dont scrub it up and get a sweep which happens every now and again.

I usally wait to see the frame of thier head drop, then hit FP. that timing is for the dc, i wait a split second longer for arcade…

what combo u guys talking about?

I think they’re talking about kusa -> s.fierce -> sa II or just the s.fierce -> sa II

I’d put my money on …SAII>ResetXXSAII.

I am. Takes a while to adjust to different sticks, though.

It’s instant fucking death on Necro. Gotta love it.

I love how this does 100% stun to Urien, makes it an even greater mismatch once I get this combo down and my dreamcast back hehe.

arelith, if you are going to come back and reclaim your title you cant whine aobut the sticks!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:


any tips on getting the kara dp out easier? :smiley:

please ppl

what is the new SA2 combo?

Well, fuck.

Holy fuck.

This can do 100% DAMAGE on Urien. I thought he had as much health as Ryu/Ken, or more. You’ll need about 1.5x Super gauge, maybe.


Karakusa, Fierce xx SA2, dash, [HK-kara]Strong Fukiage, dash, Jab Fukiage. [STUN]

Jump to the other side of Urien as he’s down.

Jump up, j.Roundhouse -> Fierce xx SA2, Forward Tsurugi, Jab Hayate, Fierce Hayate.


So, that means Urien, Necro, Yun, Yang, Remy, Akuma, and possibly Twelve and Elena are subject to 100% damage.

To test on Ryu/Ken: Stun Combo, then j.Roundhouse -> Fierce xx SA2, Tsurugi, Fukiage, j.Fierce combo. I wanna see if that does 100%.

PS: If you’ve been watching Naruto, you should know by now that there are NO TIPS! Kore wa A-Class jutsu da yo~

(RX’s stuff is more like an S-Class.)

and its against corner im guessing since there was no dash prior to the strong fukiage?


but…but…but…at least give me a rubber ball. >_<

And I shall master it in 3 mins what you guys took 3 days to ha-ha-ha…

PS: Rx’s stuff aint S class, its probably under “forbidden technique”. Maybe he sacraficed his friends to learn that stuff I dunno.

RX has no idea what he is doing. He just charges meter, throws a mirror and hopes for the best.

WHAT THE FYUCK. kara-cancelling the roundhouse into a strong fukiage allows for a dash-in jab fukiage!!! MAKATO IS TOO AWESOME!!! dammit I wanna do this but I suck I still haven’t learned how to karakara haha