So who here is down with that HnK?

The game is fantastic, bad ass and fun all in one. It is the first game (any genre) in a long time that I was seriously craving. I watched vids, watched the tv eps, listend to the theme song countless times, and woke up in the middle of the night yelling, “YOU-WA-SHOCK!” followed by a solo on my air guitar.

Who else caught up in the madness?

NW peeps represent.

HnK = Hokuto no Ken = Fist of the North Star?..

If HnK means something else, then I’m horribly lost =x

Yup, the game is tight and relatively new on ps2.

I’m tryin to be down with some HnK man. The game looks so crazy and broken that it seems ridiculously fun. I’m interested in using Kenshiro, Shin, and Mamiya.

We’ve been playin’ @ DVASZ’s place. Good good stuff indeed. My Rei is SailorMoon tier!

I’ve got it, but don’t really know much about how to play it. Too busy to try and learn at the moment.


US PS2, or Japanese PS2 only?

meh, either way… I’ve got one of each.

Right now Curtis, it’s only out for the Japanese PS2. You should get it for the simple fact that you’ll be out in Japan pretty soon and you’ll have access to super competition for this game. Nobody in the United States will be able to stand a chance against you! For you will be the Fist of the Northwest Star!

EDIT-Okay so I have a few questions…

-I heard that the game has been changed from the arcade version so that there’s no more crazy, broken shit. Is that true?

-If it isn’t true, is it easy to do Rei’s infinite dp combo thing??

-Is the game balanced to where despite placement on a tier list, the characters are usable?

-Why is Mamiya low tier despite her massive tits? Just about every game has a top tier broad in it, sad to see HnK doesn’t. I probably should pick Souther instead of her.

-Is it easy to combo instant death kill moves?

-Where can you get this game?

Yah,infinites fixed. General consensus (I’ve seen) states that Rei Inf DP is gone. That thing is hilarious though. The game doesn’t -seem- really broken, although, time will tell. Overall damage is kinda low so it and that’s not a bad thing. Generally, it seems that there are guilty gear-esque things like guts and invincible backdash. Mamiya doesn’t exactly 'ave massive tits… they’re still good though! Also, she’s the ONLY female fighter. She’s kinda like a “short-range” Axl/Dhalsim. Her attacks, while ranged and multi-hit, are slow to come out. I think she’s fun to play. Need to learn more though. IK’s are easy to combo as the command is simple and most are triggered hits, so if you connect during an otg, etc it’ll still go through. You can import the game or you cold always… heh.

Has Judah beaten you 20 plus times?

I coulda sworn that they said “YOU ARE SUCK” ya know ta kinda taunt you in that Japanese engrish sorta way. btw, Kenoh ressurection > Gill ressurection:wtf:

Damn it.

I see I see. Thanks for answerin a brotha’s questions! =]

I wonder what kinda direction the game will take now since all the broken shit is gone. I bet it’ll take a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG ass time to kill anybody now minus IKs heh. Shit that means Kenshiro doesn’t have his loop anymore huh? Weeeeeeeeak!

Kenshiro still has his loop.

played it for the first time last night…Jagi & Kenshiro, especially Jago since he seems like a de facto MvC2 character…oil slicks/oil drums xx Flick A Bic FTW…and no, not the laundry detergent either.

HnK is fun shit. Also, it already died out down here.
Still a big fan of the series, and the game somewhat.

Man… that effing resurrection. My god.

Me: HA, what NOW Kenoh!? Beats Kenoh
Kenoh: FAlls down… begins burning
Everyone: WHAT!?!?
Kenoh: Starts to get up, burning, life slowly rising
Me: Oh god…
EVERYONE: Thinks of Gill HIT HIM!
Me: Attack, denied Attack, denied Attack, denied Attack, denied
Me: I CAN’T!?!?!?

…seriously… that’s wha’ I found myself saying. Over, and over, and over…

I wouldn’t say that “all broken” is gone. Think of it more or less like GGXX. Loops make for good damage. S’jus’ some glitches that, reportedly, don’t work.


lol, an then everyone givin you ideas on what to do while the mother fucker is resurrecting.

Jacob: "Shoot em!"
Josh: "Taunt em!"

that shit where he throws the cape in the air…damn:bluu:

I’m elated to see that Kenshiro’s loop is still in. I read that Shin is top tier, any particular reason why?? I wanna pick Mamiya and do a long ass combo that probably only does like 40% damage. That would be excruciatingly sick!

Raoh is a beast. You can combo half his life and he can still come back and kill you.

His sai attack and 2 frames equals death.

Rei boon loop is the funnest thing to do in that game. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE otg super.

I find it funny OTG supers scale like Storm’s hailstorm (in other words, not a lot).