So who here is down with that HnK?

Rei is too good AKA I tried playin’ other characters… not happenin’

Someone should bring this to Zach’s on Friday. I wanna see repeated otg dashing low jabs.

So if I were to get the necessary equipment, would anyone be able to “hook” me up with HnK? I played it for a while last Friday, game’s hella fun. Shin 4 life my niggas.

uh, yeah, i can do that…



I’m pretty sure you guys have been up on your homework and shit and have probably already seen these videos. But these are hall of fame to a playa like me.

Game looks tight havent actually played it tho looks like alot of homework to learn…

But the Second video… that was BopNation right there.

you gotta teach me this game jus for fun… I dont think I would actually play this game tourney wise.

Can someone hook me up with this game, i want to try it out & dont really have the money to import it right now…Looks like a lot of fun…

I am down with that HNK son. What do you say?!


Vega and Rei is exactly the same person same noises NANTO

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Raoh stabbin yo foot all day. I don’t know whats more absurdly fun. This game, dat xvsf crack, or Jackie Chan.