So who sucks more: PSN or Xbox 360 SF4 players?



well, i have this game for my ps3 and wanted to try how the online was for xbox 360 so i got the game. i can honestly say that xbox 360 sf4 players are way more scrubby then psn players. i played this game about an hour on live and was disgusted. there were people in championship mode with 1500 points who still played like they didn’t know what to do. wake up shoryukens, full screen blanka balls, full screen ultras, etc. ROFL. only thing i can think of is that there might be more 360 players then psn. PNS vs Xbox 360 tourney anyone?


Well PS3 is the standard for high level tournament play any ways and there are more hardcore gamers in general that stick with their Sony brand that they’ve been using to play SF, Tekken and other fighting games for years. 360 definitely has some very solid players as well but 360’s online service has to be paid for yearly which keeps some people away that may have already spent plenty of money on a PS3 and a good arcade stick. Lots of tournament players have PS1/2 sticks that they can easily use a Pelican or Inpin converter with on the PS3 and their manufactured/custom stick now works on PS3 and they only spent like 20 bucks.

As opposed to the 360 where you have to spend 80 dollars easy just to play your PS1/2 stick on a converter that has lag in the inputs. Basically you’ll have to spend a lot more money just to even get started with the 360 if you have a PS stick/pad. Plus there’s a large player base that still loves their PS3 pad for fighting games as opposed to like…the large player base of people who think the 360 pad is atrocious for fighting games.


PSN comp is definitely lower i have both versions it goes without saying. Also PS3 connections are worse everyone uses wireless because its built in…* O’reilly voice * fucking thing sucks

I like My Ps3 better but xbox has got this one.


Bad comparison imo. There’s a larger 360 user base, so of course you’ll run into more scrubs than you would psn simply because there are more players…


I 2nd that. I have Both a PS3 and a 360. Using the PS3 pad seems to be more accurate than the 360’s. I have seen tournaments use more games on the PlayStation systems than the XBOX systems. For example, I went to Otakon 2006 and 3rd Strike for the PS2 had its usual place in the gaming hall; the middle of the hall and more towards the back. I saw 3rd Strike for the XBOX tucked away by the Dance Dance Revolution area, by the alternate exit.


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xbox 360 just has better connection ratios then ps3. They both play fine, but I spend more time on ps3 refresh game lobby list compared to xbl.


I only recently switched to the 360 version and so far it’s the same, some good, some bad, some terrible.

You guys have no idea how much better the server browser is on 360 until you’ve spent 2 months with the PS3 version. :frowning: Also finding more yellow/green connections on 360 which is great! Capcom need to patch the PS3 online as they made the browser a little worse since adding championship. I don’t know why it takes 5+ seconds to join games on PS3 but it’s instant on 360, they really need to patch it.

It’s not even because PS3 online sucks or anything either, it works great for most games the problem is definitely with Capcom.


I recently switched from the 360 to the PS3. At first, I never really had problems with PSN and was getting good matches, a good # of people, and good ping. Nowadays, its hard to find a match and I’m usually forced to play at 3bars or less because thats all there is available. It can be really annoying and extremely frustrating at times.

However, I will agree that I seem to have run into more quality players at the lower-end in comparison to xbox360, but there are definitely scrubby people on both. I also agree that the 360 probably has the larger player base in America while PS3 probably has the larger player base worldwide. I found this really weird because I thought since PSN was free there would be more people on PSN, but I guess people really just don’t have a PS3 :[


I suck the most.


I had to move away from the PS3 version because I spent most my time on the browser getting “unable to play” messages :wasted: the games I could join were usually 1-2 bars only :confused:

I know the 360 actually has less players in europe for SF IV (if the sales figures were correct) but I’m still getting way more games with decent connections.

It was a bitch having to swap over my stick for the 360 version but worked out in the end.


I suck. Then again, lag sucks, my controller sucks, and tick throws suck because whereas I could prevent them 98% of the time in CVS2 Online last gen, Street Fighter IV has a problem in this regard. If it’s just me, please enlighten me on how to deal with the ****. But whatever you say, just don’t tell me to be quicker about it because THAT is not the problem. It’s gotten to the point I don’t even feel motivated to try and get better at this game.

And I’ll tell you who else sucks aside from me.

You almost denied me my first G2 Championship victory when your Gief dropped on Gat in the final round. I know you couldn’t get close enough to do those bull**** grabs you’d planned on, but you could have at least taken your loss like a man. Shout out to Reipin Pillage who, despite losing to my scrubby Gat in the final round, didn’t drop and allowed me to take the credit for the win. I’m pretty sure you had beaten my ass with Seth in a previous round.


I’ve had a lot of people online tech my tick throws dude.


Haha, I had this guy drop on me in the finals as well, he was obviously frustrated by Blanka’s keepaway shenanigans.


Maybe that’s my problem. Maybe I have a bad habit of wanting to prevent tick throws with rapid lp or lk as opposed to “throw escaping”. Then again, while I have success with both, neither seem as consistent as I feel they should be, ESPECIALLY the mashing on lp or lk while in blocking position. I know there is the block stun, but why the **** is there less time for the attacker? Why can one dish out an attack, have it blocked, and still move in for a grab before the one who is blocking and mashing lows (attacks should be coming out if the potential thrower is moving in, you know)… I know this is a different game, but that was at least ONE thing I didn’t have to worry about in CVS2.


from my experience hdremix comp on psn sucked. didnt try sf4 on psn yet. game is so retarded I dont think I wanna buy multiple versions. I have enough people to play on lag box for now…

isnt it how MOST ppl play sf4? I was at the arcade saturday and thats pretty much how it was. random everything. had 13 win streak and another 9 again. mainly because people stopped playing. 90% of the time I am just shaking my head at the stupidity. I am sure psn players arent that “different” from xbl players. you still have bunch of nice players on xbl like calipower,drchaos,citiofbrass,etc.


haha i played that guy and raped his gief got the replay saved somewhere then the second time he came back i saw that he had a 20% disconnect =O so i booted him and he sent me all these msgs lol


I think I played you once or twice with my scrubby Sagat. :sweat:

(only been maining him for a few days :wasted:)


yea i remember your name tag dude . it reminded me of an episode of family guy when i read it ahha . didnt you beat me that match ?


Toke Jopic?