So who's going to Evo 2013?


Hey all. In about two weeks a pretty important tourney is happening…

The SFxT tourney both starts and finishes on Saturday. I’m wondering what people want to do in terms of casuals on Friday and Sunday? I promised my roommates I would host anything in our room late at night, but I might be able to see if I can host something in our room during the day. It’s gonna be hard for me to bring a setup, though…

Evo schedule:

Friday: Cross not scheduled

8:00AM-2:00PM Pools
2:00PM-6:00PM Quarters & Semis
6:00PM-8:00PM Finals

Sunday: Cross not scheduled


I’ll be there Friday and Saturday, only thing I have to figure out now is lodging, and since it’s just one day I can theoretically just pay for one night on my own. :3

Probably won’t stay for Sunday.

If I drive (which I’m sure I am since I want to), I’ll bring my setup as well. Just let me know what time y’all want to get casuals in n Friday and I’m there… as long as it’s not something like 6am. Fuuuuuck that. :-p


I’m gonna be there… in my dreams ;_;


Same, EU peasant checking in


Hmmmmm I kinda want to go. Would be nice to meet some faces. It’s in LA right? I’ve never been to EVO nor have I looked it up about it.


Las Vegas, not Los Angeles. And reg is closed now.


oh…well there’s always next year.


I’ll be going friend.


I’ll be there… via streams :frowning:


Registered, have time off, not sure if I’ll have money to afford it as a bunch of my immediate family member have recently died.

Life sucks.


At least you can watch the stream. :frowning:

It’s really depressing. -_-


Actually, depending on wether or not twitch likes me at the time… I might not be able to :frowning:


BLARGH car decided it doesn’t like me, so I might be hitching a ride if the repairs turn out to be a fortune when I get it to the shop tomorrow.

Still makig it somehow!

I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning:


I hope someone brings a setup. It’s not really practical for me to bring my fat PS3 all the way from Canada.


I’ll be there.


Since I live here I’ll be going.


I’m also gonna be there in my dreams and via stream supporting


Good news: Car fixed! So I’ll definitely be driving out.

Bad news: getting said car fixed drained ALL my funds, so I have no lodging. Sooooo I’ll be driving up there early Saturday morning, unless I hear back from someone about where to sleep for the night or something lol.