So who's going to EVO?



I’ll be there, though I won’t be entered since I don’t have the cash right now. Plus, I don’t quite feel like I’m ready due to lack of experience against a wide variety of characters and people, and also my gameplan hasn’t been totally fleshed out to where I’d like it to be. But if anybody else is going you wanna get some games in and exchange tech? Let me know and I’ll PM you my number.


I’m going. I only don’t have evolution 2012 by my name because I neglected to write my SRK handle in an attempt to get signed up under my full name.


Awesome! I look forward to seeing how well you perform. I definitely want to get some games in with you.


Hmm, maybe I might not be able to go. I’ve had a friend bail on me and another is a pretty hard maybe. I’m in yuba city which is near sac so if any of you bay area guys (or really anywhere inbetween here and vegas) are driving please lmk if you have an extra seat or would be down with taking my car(I can fit up to 6 plus luggage though it may be tight if you pack heavily[I don’t])

C’mon help me out wolf pack!



Hey Ms. Stark.

I see your pool here. I don’t recognize anyone in it so I expect you to make us proud. :open_mouth:


bitq is a local, I know of him but for one reason or another have never played him. Played Wesker/Storm/X last I knew. In other words, his team has a horrible matchup against mine at every point, depending on what that X is… But he could have me beat on experience. I’m still pretty rusty, which is why I’m going to two more tournies this week.

Everyone else in there is a random to me.


I’ll be there. DJ Divine is in my pool as well.

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Well, shoutouts to anyone repping Ammy at EVO. UMvC3 might be overrun with people practicing the TAC infinite but remember who’s lockdown assist will help you get the first hit to start that TAC infinite. ;D

…in any case, I’m sure that she doesn’t have one but people are more than welcome to find one. :open_mouth:


I’ll be there, hopefully I can see some of you guys play :slight_smile:


ill be there. last time i checked no big names in my pool but, im also ass sooo…


Alright I think I got all my expenses squared away so I’m 90% certain I’ll be there :tup:




See you in pool finals!

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i am afraid we will have to cross paths a bit earlier than that.


I know this isn’t exactly the right thread for this, but I just want to say:

That feel when you get invited to a tournament but that invite is really more putting your name on the list and expecting you to find out about it on your own, leading to a situation where you learn you’re invited the day before it happens when it’s two states away and the trip does not remotely justify last-minute plane/hotel costs

Stay classy, Yipes.


Wow… that sucks. :frowning:


I know. But I fully expect you to claw (HHHHHH?) your way back up to the top to face me again. We Ammy players have to stick together after all. =D

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we’ll see about that.


I’m here. Someone hit me up with some contact info. I want to play games. But I can’t support it in my room.


I made it out of my pool. Bitq, my local player, dropped me to losers but was beat at winners’ finals; I knocked him out in losers’ finals. Quarterfinals are in an hour and a half. I’m really excited.

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