So who's going to Katsucon in DC this week?

I’ll more than likely be down there. Taking the metro. Look forward to fighting against plenty of cosplaying scrubs. :tup:

Hopefully I can make it down there. What day(s) are you going? What games are being played?

edit: zomfg, 25 bucks?!

Yeah I’ll be there almost all weekend. Probably going to try and meet up with Charles to ride down on the metro… I am kind of paranoid of the metro as-is, and I’m going to have all of my expensive shit with me.

I’ve never been to a con, but if they actually enforce these rules its going to suck.

Uh… can’t bring in anything?? Not even sticks? What the heck… man, fuck this con.

I am going to be there and I am playing for fun. Even tho I will most likely be in the tekken tournament. And yeah its no sticks or other hardware allowed. They dont wanna be responsible for ppl losing their shit. I had some friends there last year and they said that alot of that went down. So for all like myself who want to use your own stuff … bring your system and hook it up to a hotel tv in your hotel room and invite ppl. Its either that or wait for otakon!!!

Or just have a gathering somewhere where you don’t have to pay a ton of money. ;p

I guess it’s different for me because I hate cons otherwise… so I spend all my time playing games and meeting new people who play. But so much for that.

Yeah, if that’s the case then I’m gonna let the MC peepz know that it’s not worth going. I was comtemplating not going to begin with. 35 bucks for one Saturday at some random convention with a bunch of cosplaying scrubs. No thanks. :tup:

I’ll probably go for a bit

Yes, they just updated. You can’t bring in anything, period. No sticks/games/etc.

The DC metro is nothing to be paranoid about, it’s clean and pretty crime free.

That’s cool. I’ve only been on it once maybe, and that was a long time ago.

Yeah don’t worry, it’s really clean and nice, plus a fair amount of under cops because of terrorist issues.

I haul around sticks, computers, and all sorts of stuff with no problems. Just put it in a bag and you’re fine.