So who's going to make the post for the front page?

Now that Wiz has opened the gates for people to post up about their favorite strats/games/etc, who’s going to be the one to post about how great KoF is, and get some support (and possibly new fanbase) for the great games KoF has created. We all (very) obviously have different views about 12, so I think maybe it’d be a good way to address those issues as well as generate interest in older KoFs (98UM imo >.>;).

So… who’s it gonna be?

No, we’re all scared or have a self-destructive community, or lackthereof.

I nominate JeremyH

Yo, don’t worry man. Dark Geese got this.:china:

No… Emil got this in the bag. :karate:

Ill try and give a hand. If I have the time I’ll do it. but only if you pool together and build some collective strats to help new comers.

Honestly, Dandy’s intro to KOF vids were perfect front page news last year, so I’d pick him to put up some good snk related stuff. Maybe also give him a column of homo-genius.

I don’t think I’m the guy for the job specifically because I only really play 98UM. I dabble in XI and 12, but that’s about it. I do agree that Dandy’s intro would be a great lead-in though

i second that. Dandy’s vids would be great.

I guess we’ll time putting up an article of the videos when KOFXIII rolls near its console launch.