So who's interested in Next Avengers animation movie (Sept. 2nd)

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Well they’re fighting robots so no chance of good violence…and Hawkeye gives off a Sasuke vibe for some scary reason O_o

I’ll hold out until they give it on Cartoon Network like all of Marvel’s straight to DVD movies. Unless I find out Spider-Girl has a cameo… :blush:

I might pick up the Wolverine vs. Hulk and Thor one when that comes out. Looks more interesting to me.

I like the animation style and I like Iron Man (the character and the live action film, not the shitty animated movie). And I too feel that Hawkeye is the group’s resident Sasuke/season 1 Matt. Kinda torn. I have all the other Marvel Animated Feature movies, but they’ve been mediocre at best.

Well I watched it and it was an…OK movie, tho I didn’t like some of the voices and the fact that Thor had a daughter instead of a son didn’t please me much.

im getting it to add to my liongate marvel collection but i dont really like the feel of it. i mean this aint teen titans so i know they gonna make them beat incredibly bad odds. although old hulk and that revamped iron man look off the rip. thats gonna be my only reason for watching this.

He did? Wow I feel really stupid now :confused:
Still the intro for the movie is worth it cuz of the villain cameos.

Prob. cuz all of Wakanda was destroyed and Tony wanted to keep T’challa’s son’s existence a real secret to prevent Ultron from ever knowing?
Plus is it me or is the kid’s mother Storm?

Yeah…I don’t see myself getting this.
I bought the Iron Man animated DVD…and I felt kind of cheated.

im enjoying the movie…im thinking of it as a clearly kids movie. and im fine with that.

thors bitch’s language is buggin the fuck outta me. you can only take so much of thouth and histh withouth u wanting to end her fucking life.

and why is black panthers kid such a bitch. booo. once again the black man is low tier in marvel.

im about halfway in…hawkeye jr just showed up.

Marvel animation stuff sucks. They’re trying so hard to compete with the WB and they’re failing so hard.

You mean Sasuke…

lol he wishes he was. fuckers in love with an undercover lesbian.

I really enjoyed it and I absolutely loved Torunn.

Just to clear something for those in doubt-



was not defeated by the kids, he was defeated by Hulk

I watched it. It was alright.

But the Wasp and Giant-man’s kid is one annoying little fuck.

lol i was fine with him…torynn on the other hand was a straight bitch. and thor was even more punkass. his whole reasoning why he peaced out. lol.:rofl:

correct me if i’m wrong but wasnt thor a punk ass in the beginning thats why odin trapped him on earth to learn how to be like a mortal?

watching it now

Since this movie comes out tomorrow I can only assume that people have found some ILLEGAL means to watch this movie. There was even a link where you can watch the movie here for free which I have deleted.

Not that it matters, the movie has been removed from that link anyway. How did that happen? Hmmm maybe people spread the link on the internet and Marvel eventually found it? :rolleyes:

Believe it or not, there are people who have worked with Marvel in the past and present who swing by here now and then. I can get in SERIOUS trouble for this kind of thing.

What you do in your PMs is your business. Please keep it out of this forum.

For now if you wish to talk about this movie I suggest you post in the Marvel thread and I dunno, MAYBE WAIT UNTIL THE THING IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED TOMORROW???

Making me work on Labor Day yeash…