So, who's it gonna be?(Character selection topic)

I haven’t officially settled down with a main in SFIV. In HD Remix my main was Dee Jay. Got really good with the character entered a few tournaments with him. Didn’t win any of them, but got fairly far in every one of them. Think I remember just choosing him because I liked his character design and I heard he played like Guile. Guile’s pretty fun to play with in my opinion. So, I just randomly chose him. 3S I only play casually, but love playing as Ibuki or Dudley. Both characters have great designs and are a lot of fun for me to play as.

IV though, I have a general idea of who to go with. Character design does matter to me, but not as much as playstyle of the character. Most important aspects of a character I look for are:Is the character fun to play as? Tournament viable or am I good with them? On SFIV’s current tier list anyone from Chun Li or up is viable in my opinion. While Dee Jay is really fun to play as, I don’t want to play a defensive/zoning character anymore. I want to really play a rushdown oriented character. In my opinion, my strengths are I’m good at analyzing patterns, baiting, playing footsies and teching throws. My weaknesses are:Pretty bad at zoning. I can’t keep someone out for long with projectiles. I’ve got a poor air game. Not good when it comes to anti air(Funny considering I main Dee Jay and do really good with him in HD Remix.). So, I definitely need to play a character with a good anti air. Have problems getting around zoners and I tend to do bad when someone is going crazy rushdown and is right in my face while I’m on the defensive. As for my playstyle my friends and people I play against tend to say:

I’m a defensive player. A few of my friends even saying I tend to wait for my opponent to make a mistake then capitalize wen they do. However, I don’t really think I am a defensive player. If I can completely recognize a pattern in my opponent, I will play defensive since I absolutely see no need to take risks in that case. Since I can just exploit that person’s pattern every time a opportunity presents itself. Aside from that though, in my honest opinion it comes down to whatever character I’m playing as. With characters like Ryu and Akuma I play extremely defensively and zone the whole match. However, with someone like Balrog I play extremely rushdown. Sometimes, I tend to notice that I play a mixture. I go heavily rushdown then after a while back off for a few seconds and go on the defensive to see how my opponent reacts. Maybe it’s because when my opponent and me are within jump-in range I play carefully and wait for a opening?(Isn’t that footsies or am I wrong? Overall though, these are the characters that interest me for character design wise or playstyle reasons:

Rufus:Have fun playing as him and love the character, but not good with him at all. Find that he has a really bad matchup against Ryu/Sagat. Don’t misunderstand this as I hate bad matchups. Just I would prefer a character if possible that had a at least even matchup with the more popular/better characters in the game.
Chun Li:Like the character design, but she doesn’t seem like that strong of a character playstyle wise. Am fairly decent with her.
Balrog:Okay character design, but I love his new alt in SSFIV. Pretty good with him, but I screw up his link combos a lot.

That’s pretty much it of all the tournament viable characters that interest me. If anyone can suggest me a character please by all means. Sorry if there’s a billion topics about this question, but I would greatly appreciate any help.

Akuma and Ryu can be played rush down or defensively… Or Zangief if you wanna be a true rushdown badass.

hmm Ken perhaps?

Thanks for the response. Ryu and Akuma can indeed go rushdown, but with the way I play them I’m way too defensive to go rushdown with either of them. Plus, they don’t necessarily excel in rushdown like some other characters who are meant for rushdown. Zangief I would try, but his bad matchup(3-7) against Sagat pretty much kind of ruins him for me.

Ken’s not really tournament viable in my eyes. Plus, I don’t really enjoy playing as him. Once again though, thanks for the response.

The playstyle your going for is more suited for Boxer or Sagat. Character design wise have no clue. Fei-long?

Good news. Your problems aren’t exclusive to you, zoning is just difficult. And air game is just anticipation and reaction, which both improve. I play Balrog and used to let people jump on me all the time. Best advice I got was to hit crouch fierce on every jump, even if it’s too late and I get hit, just so the act of hitting that particular button when they jump got in my head. Now I’m much better at keeping the jump happy off of me.

Definitely going to suggest Rufus, his damage on punishing the smallest mistakes is bananas. He has a really safe attack pattern lets you mixup with little resistance. His crouch strong is way good against jumps. Hardly needs to zone except when up against a small handful of characters, and once you get used to it he actually has some solid tools at keeping people away when he needs to, including his ex messiah panic button. On the downside, his BnB hit confirm (dive, LK, HP, HP nado) is one of the hardest ‘necessary’ combos I’ve had to deal with playing any character (fortunately, you can get very far learning that combo alone). And yes, he has more than a few small issues against Ryu and Sagat.

Chun Li is still underestimated to this day. She has answers to everything, the problem is that everything requires a very precise, specific answer, so you need ALOT of matchup experience. I really like playing Chun though, because she is always moving and striking. You have to be on point to anti-air as well, and you can get steamrolled if an offensive character gets in your space, Rufus for example.

Contrary to Super Turbo, Balrog is NOT extreme rushdown on every character. He has offense, sure, in the way of walking up and jabbing/throwing/poking, but his strength relies in bunkering down at a close range and reacting/anticipating/baiting moves, hitting back with a strong normal or piss easy hit confirm. He might be for you though. As I stated before, his crouch fierce is a strong AA, and he takes advantage of pattern players very quickly and brutally.

I made a big post in another recent thread about character selection. It’s not a direct answer to YOUR question but hopefully it can help you out a little. I’ve been shamelessly blanket-advertising it every time a character selection thread pops up in here, but I honestly believe it’s worth your time to at least skim through it. (Well of course I would think so, haha.)

For what it’s worth, it sounds to me like you might prefer a character who spends most of the game slowly grinding at the opponent, using your patience and resolve to wear down their willpower and force them into making mistakes.

more like true Crushdown badass derherherpf

Thanks for all the responses. I’ve decided to go with Rufus.

True, I am interested in Juri when SSFIV comes out because she kind of sounds like that playstyle. She has several ways to attack her opponent, but has to get several opportunities in to win.

Picking a main character shouldn’t be this hard. “I like this character, but they’re ugly…”… “This character is shiny but has a bad matchup”… oh.

Honestly, Akuma. Though maybe I’m biased. He has ridiculous rushdown. Although it’s somewhat patient. When you get a knockdown on someone that could be the end of the match right there. And if you don’t like the way a situation is looking you can teleport out and zone if you need to. He is by far the most versatile character in SF4. He can be whatever you want.

I always knew Akuma had great rushdown, but not to a ridiculous extent. So, quite interesting to hear that. Regarding my playstyle oddly…My friend says I go rushdown to a ridiculous extent whenever I play Rufus. Quite a different thing for me to hear since he says I usually play defensively with other characters. Also, working on Rufus’s BNB combo. Haven’t really made much progress on it even using the P-Link method, but just attempting the combo has made my execution in general better.

Sounds like you made a good decision with rufus. If you change your mind though I’d probably say sagat is also pretty much what you’re looking for. And as for ssf4 keep an eye out for guy, his rush down game is looking pretty ridiculous atm, though not so easy mode as rufus or sagat.

…or if you want a more biased opinion, try out seth =). You want to go all zoning in some matches (zangief, rufus, balrog and sagat come to mind here - basicly anyone with high health that does massive damage on lucky guesses) but seth has so many tools zoning is relatively easy, and for most of the cast he has a great rush down game if you want to play him like that; find an opening, build some momentum then proceed to steam roll your opponent =).

Which Rufus BnB combo are you speaking of? I find double tapping to help with some of the Galactic Tornado combos when I was trying to use him before. Also it seems like you’re worried about bad matchups when you mentioned Rufus or Zangief. Unless you’re using one of the top 3 though (Sagat, Ryu, Akuma) , you’re eventually going to run into a bad matchup, so just study up and try to master as much of your character as you can. You could always make a 7-3 look like a 6-4 or even better if you know what to do with the character’s matchup.

Rufus BNB I’m talking about is Divekick-s.LK~s.HP-HP Galactic Tornado. Regarding bad matchups I don’t mind them. It’s just it bothers me if I have a bad matchup against one of the best/most popular characters in the game like Ryu.

dont know if this will help but i chose to main blanka because i was sick of so many ken and ryu players spamming fireballs, and i knew blanka could slide under fireballs :D!

Thats also one of the reasons i learned rose… her fireball reflect lol.

dont know if this will help but i chose to main blanka because i was sick of so many ken and ryu players spamming fireballs, and i knew blanka could slide under fireballs :D!

Thats also one of the reasons i learned rose… her fireball reflect lol.

I’m unsure what this means.

By Tournament Viable I mean a character that wouldn’t limit someone no matter how good they got with the character. Example:Guile would probably always limit someone greatly in SFIV due to him having no ultra setup and his Flash Kick being a poor AA.