So who's looking good so far? Tiers?


I just got the game last night and it’s great, who do you think looking strong so far?
Also I’m maining Dante and amertra(the wolf) I’m trying to find a good third partner who would you guys suggest? I’m new and been out of the fighting game loop for a while, so i would appreciate any input.




Otori what does that mean? Really what?


It’s way way way too early to be talking about tiers.

From what I’ve seen in videos everyone is good at something, or has something really good about them.

Hence Otori’s comment about Really?

as in are you really asking this when the game has only been out for a day.


To answer the question of “who’s looking good so far?”

Everybody is.


Galactus is clearly god tier.


the only thing that we can be sure is that this thread and the OP are shit tier

except ryu



Think before you post, for the love of god.
And please, please PLEASE read the forum rules. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mod ban you for creating such a useless thread.
Not to be a dick, I’m just saying people around here don’t just post threads for any little thing. Please take this to the Discussion thread.


whoaaa some people around here are way too high strung lol


The consensus is that Sentinel is high tier right now.


Welcome to SRK :confused:


if you think that this is rude, you should have seen SRK before turning into a joke on 2009


SRK minus AIDS joke and man-rape-threat assist ARE more newbie friendly…


This has to be a troll thread.