So Who's modded this cheap thing, and is it even doable?

I have THIS thing, bum bum bum. And it’s used for that extra old clacky wake people up in the night noise and feeling.

What I’m wondering is if putting less craptacular buttons and a stick that won’t rotate (mine is old so the shaft rotates and the ball comes off rather easily) in is even doable.

I’m sorry if this belongs in some other thread. Dunno where to put it, asked before but it was in the wrong place.

It can be modded, but IMO is not worth the time, money, and effort.

I don’t know anything about it but, if the case height is tall enough, you could mod it into a hitbox i suppose

I know someone has done it already

the buttons on those things are membranes if i remember right



anythings moddable. just takes… imagination (cue spongebob)

i actually have an ascii ps1 stick too from way back, but it had a battop and no turbo function. i was about to mod that til my brother ripped the stick out in a fit of rage and destroyed the plastic housing, bent the metal plates etc. salvaged the pcb only. anyway, yes…