So why can't I get specials to happen?

When ever I try to play something on mame, I cant do specials, like the timing is slower or something. Especially in ST. Anybody have any idea?

Could be that you have a bad convertor.
Do you normally have trouble doing moves? Lol.

I suck, but not this bad. I was using mame 0.67, then switched to mame .64 and now everythings cool

I have that same problem but only in the Street Fighter series (especially ST) . The DP motion fails too often but in the three ALPHA’s, all KOF’s, Garou, VS games, ZSNES Street Fighter titles, offline consoles etc. I almost never fail to execute this motion. I guess it is somewhat different because I am pretty much perfect with it in every other game.

start from :r: without any :d: if you are starting from :d:
I’ve had some problems when I forgot to keep the :d: pressed for the last bit. Sometimes it feels like you pressed everything alright <_< but you didnot.