So why did you main Spencer?



Im curious to see why you chose to play him?


When I saw his reveal trailer, I saw a character that did big damage yet was quick on his feet and could combo after his hypers. I was sold from that point on


So, shortly after the game was released, Capcom released a lineup of silhouettes. I happened to notice Spencer’s distinctive arm in that set of silhouettes, and being rather a huge Bionic Commando fangirl, declared I was playing him right then and there, several months before he was actually announced.


I haven’t actually tried Bionic Commander until recently… I forgot how hard games were back then lol


I like how quick he is on his feet. I also LOVE how it feels like he can be anywhere on the screen when he needs to be. I suspect he has some nasty reset options using the low attack/special grapple move in the middle of combos. I wish he had an alt for old school spencer though. He also seems like he can really punish spam with his grapples. I dunno, i finally caved and got the game because of she-hulk, spencer, and thor.


I play Spencer because I love to punish poor assist calls with Bionic Arm. It changes the way the game is played.


I like the way he is played. So much so that I based my entire team around him.


I’m a fan of Bionic Commando. Hell, I got the lunchbox. XD

Really, that’s all there is to it. From the moment he was revealed I was going to main him even if he was the most craptastic person on the roster. Thankfully he’s not. :lol:


He reminded me a little of omega red (whom I miss from MVC2) but hits harder. Ever since his reveal always thought he’d be interesting to play and one that wont be as popular as some.


I just love how he doesn’t have many moves, but you can do a lot with the ones that he has and is versatile for that reason.


Because everyone who randomly fullscreen hypers on Xbox Live was getting on my nerves… And apparently Spencer had some kind of robotic appendage that can do something about that.


This is always fun to do, especially against someone who is EXTREMELY assist happy.

In general though I just liked his general playstyle and loved the Bionic Commando games, though I couldn’t get to him at first since I just didn’t feel like I could do anything right with him. After a bit of getting used to it though I just find his gameplay fun and very rewarding if make a good punish.


Tried him out one night, came to love his moveset and whatnot.


I used to love MvC in the arcade (hell i got in trouble for playing it at work when I was employed at a local movie theater) and was an avid Spidey user through it and MvC… so i instantly went for him with 3 came out… but was harshly rebuked by his web throw commands… hated it. So while doing the missions I started on Spencer and found that he resembled Spidey, to me, and that I could get down with his tempo. Spencer has been one of my core members since.

On a pad, I can’t get down with speed execution characters like Viper or Dante.

I secretly say “Faallcoooowwwn PAWWWNCH” when I do Lancer, though.


I picked him up because he was new. My main team consists of characters new to the VS. series (even though Thor was an assist in MVC1). I figured I’d see a lot of the usual suspects(Spidey, Wolverine, Ryu, etc.) and a bunch of fan favorites like Dantes, Deadpools and Zeros. Picking up an obscured and interesting character is fun for me. Unfortunately, Combofiend sort of brought spencer into the limelight, and now everyone and their mother wants to play him.

Oh well, at least people are still sleeping on point haggar.


Because of Falcon Punch. When I first saw Bionic AAAAAAAARM, I laughed and thought to myself “I have to play this character.”


He looked really fun to play and I liked his look (despite so many people hating on it).

I’m a sucker for robot-ish things. I liked the character, I love how he plays, and I instantly became pretty solid with him within a few days. The character just clicked with me.


Because he cant lose…he has a bionic arm


You don’t know nuthin’ bout swingin’!


I think from day 1 I wanted to play as him, and it was a long road in the beginning. Ironically, I started to figure out his playstyle and combos before doing his Mission Mode and right before he emerged in the high level scene.