So why do fight sticks cost so much...?

Just curious. I’m more of a casual gamer, but picked this up and saw that you could get the fight stick… i would love to play like i used to in the arcades, but not sure if I wanna spend the money for casual fighting games. So yea… what’s the reason behind the high cost? (or super high for the time being, because of demand)… expensive parts?

Isn’t there anyone that actually makes them and sells them independently? for a much less expensive price maybe? I’m sure the parts don’t cost that much, plus labor…?

custom sticks are pretty expensive man. they are easily $150+

the parts used actually aren’t that cheap, especially if you’re buying sanwas

oh, sorry… didn’t know. I just figured they were overpricing the mass marketed fighting pads/sticks…

Pick a price range and you can easily find a stick that will fit. $40 sticks are common for all current gen systems, and that’s equal or less to the cost of a guitar game controller. They are also low quality, which may be just fine for your casual use.

If you feel the market is ripe for a high quality, low cost arcade stick, we would all welcome it. Kick in the entrepreneurial spirit and get to it. Until then, research what’s available, decide if any meet your standards to purchase, and quitcherbitchin.

You will pay more for a custom made stick. Just putting parts in to the equation using just an X360

PCB $26
9 buttons (Sanwa/Seimitsu 6 main, start, back, guide) $27
JLF/LS-32 $25

Parts alone, before shipping runs around $78. Then figure in to it cost of all materials needed to build the box and labor. It takes a LOT of time to either paint/oil/seal a casing.

There is no way you could buy an independently made stick for a “cheap” price.

As Toodles stated, if you want cheap, you will get cheap performance and cheap quality.

if you wanna save money, you could buy a used stick on ebay or somethin then mod it yourself

well i’m smart with computers and all, but not soldering and putting parts together. but like toodles said… what if i want a casual gaming arcade stick for about $80 or less? i mean, i’ve seen the hori sticks…

i didn’t realize the parts costs that much though, i guess it would be worth it. sorry though, i just wanted the old arcade feel. but, i did just buy a condo, and i’m not sure if i wanna shell out that cash… any good inexpensive reccomendations?

for 360 you pretty much only have the ex2/doa4 stick and the SE fightstick

idk about ps3

With Sixaxis controllers being $60 a pop for PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers not too far behind, I don’t see how you can complain about the price of a big honkin’ arcade stick being equal or even double in price. When they get to $300+ then you can startcherbitchin.

but who is saying the 360 controllers aren’t overpriced…? i was just asking… and i’m not complaining.

oh, and $200-$400 is the average price for the TE online… fyi

again, i was just asking if there was a better solution for a casual gamer. since they are actually $300+ but I’m not 'startcherbitchin’ing…

the TE is acutally $150, those prices you see online are gouged by sellers because of how limited and hard they are too find.

Because people will pay for it.

I bought my HRAPs (SA2 and 3) in Japan at $100 and $72 respectively. If/when I Sanwa Mod my 3 it might be another 20 bucks. The HRAP 2SA has the same parts (all sanwa) so I think Madcatz could’ve charged a little less. The TE Fightstick looks good, but I wouldn’t trade my HRAPs for it.

As far as the price hike, simple economics… supply and demand etc etc.

lol… te’s are priced at $150. how much they go for doesn’t matter.

and if you’re a “casual gamer” you should be fine with an ex2

edit: ouch i didn’t reply fast enough

Hate to break it to ya but honestly, there is no “cheap and good” category when it comes to sticks.

We all start somewhere, and I understand your question, but the truth is, expect to spend at least $100 (HRAP 3 for PS3 and $120 for a HRAP EX for X360 at on a stick that will do what they are supposed to do. Even with the HRAPs, their buttons are lack luster and usually people replace them with Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. But they at least have a Sanwa JLF in them.

Even with the cheaper Madcatz SE, you’re looking at $80 for the case, and hopes of the stick not malfunctioning. So be prepared to buy 6 new buttons and a JLF or LS-32 to fix it.

No worries. Ebay is always inflated. Remember when PS3’s were going for $2000?

What system(s) do you play?

show me where? i can’t find anyplace…

and yes, they have really outstanding prices because of the high demand and limited quantity… which is why I asked my question in the first place… it was, isn’t there a way to buy one from an independent source that charges much less? you know, than $300+…?

and thank you Imitrex… I did not know that, but it’s good to know. I guess I will have to decide if I really want one or not. I just want the nostalgia…

360 and PC… but yea, Xbox 360 has the HRAP3 for $89. It’s the best all around deal anywhere. It has genuine Sanwa ball and stick, but the buttons are Hori. You can swap them out for Sanwa’s for about $2 each.

The Street Fighter 15th Anniversary stick (works on PS2 and original Xbox) is a great stick. I paid $40 for mine on They’re inflated on ebay right now.

I’d just look for a good hori stick. They have models that are less than the HRAP3. Just stay away from Mad Catz.

If you own a Dreamcast then do yourself a favor and get the Agetec stick.

wait till the next batch. i’m sure you can get that arcade feel from buying any old arcade stick… it doesn’t have to be a sanwa if that’s what you’re looking for