So why don't be have any sort of combo thread?

Anyone…? :lol:

I even posted in the topic at one time apparently. :lol:

Well first off because I didn’t see that topic nor did I remember it, and second I’m somewhat hopeful there might’ve been more than what was expressed in that video and in a written form. There are so many comprehensive topics for other characters but Elf seems a bit scattered at best.

We don’t have a Combo Thread because Fuerte relies on Knockdowns and the Fierce Loop.

Besides the (f+MK ->) LP block String (Throw / crMK xx Run -> Mixup) (Tick Damage, Annoyance), RSF (Must-Learn, dont-ever-do-that-shit against-me-again-bitch combo), the RScrMK (Highly technical but useful), FP xx Run xx Slide (The precursor to RSF) , crHKxxGuac / EX Guac (Basic Punish) everything else is situational, a 1-hit/1Move punish, or useless

Situational: crMK xx Super : Useful ONLY at the end of a match. Reason: Meter is FAR more important for EX Run / EX Guac for both attacks and Escapes. If you have Meter at the end of the match or in general either you are turtling well(Good Job) or fighting a scrub)

(FP xx) Q-Bomb xx Super: See Above
(FP xx) Q-Bomb (Knockdown) xx Super See above: only really useable by a wall (can throw you off if you lost track of your charge)

1-hit/Move: Q-Bomb: VS horizontal type attacks (Tatsu)
Fajita/Tortilla/Tostada,slide,Guac 1 move, knocksdown, mixup accordingly

Useless: (jFP ->) clFP xx Q-Bomb Reason: You should be doing Run slides or RSF. if Q-Bomb gets blocked you have to burn meter to get safe or die, and if it hits, no knockdown version = no further mixup, if it does, it is quick get-up able meaning far less time for a mixup, which is important for Fuerte’s game.

Also, lol negative rep.

A list of all combo’s at the start of the El Fuerte Matchups and Strategies v.2 thread would be nice.
Most of the combo options are shown in my combo vid, though. Don’t forget things like far.HP, c.MK, which is a super easy link combo that does great damage (10% more than HP Tiger Uppercut).
El Fuerte has no BnB combo with a quick start-up, except for ((c.)LK, ) c.MK xx run, stop, etc.

Ah, ok then, hey, it was a great video, but nobody ever said it was the conclusive understanding of Fuerte, so I assumed there was more. I feel information could be a big more organized, but hey, not much I can do about it I guess. Thank you for your contributions.

Oh just stop it.

And thanks for the info Densuo. Just want to understand this character more.

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