So why exactly do fighter call out their attacks?


It’s something i never real understood even in martial arts films.

Why would I call out something like: UPPER CUT in the midst of a fight, the opponent will know what you’re going to do.

What is the point of a Shoto calling out Shoryuken when they do a dp or Guile calling out a Flash Kick?

Does it like grant them the ability to do something special we don’t see or something? Or does it not come out unless I call it? If I don’t say punch, I can’t punch then? If I say Kick my leg will be able to swing forward?


It makes the attack stronger and in some cases, it’s needed to have the move come out (hadouken!).


Because its awesome?

If you were to call out your attacks in a real fight, and still land them you would be awesome too.


Pure win.




Lets people who walk up to the cabinet to watch people play have an idea of what’s going on.


Because otherwise it’d be a rather bland mix of blocking and hitting noises. I think adding voices to the cast gives the game character, and having them call out the names of the moves they’re using (which are usually specific to them) just adds to that.

It’s not like they’re shouting “LIGHT KICK, LIGHT PUNCH, LIGHT KICK!”. Besides, they don’t always say the name of the move, sometimes they just make an appropriate noise, as if to show they’re exerting all their energy by executing a certain move, like Viper’s flame kick.


Its the same as grunting when you work out. It makes you more powerful as you exhale. Instead they made the characters say the move names because it would be weird hearing grunting everywhere.


Yelling while attacking causes your attack to be stronger?

It could be worse, you could have the word vomit that occurs in the characters of BB.


At least they’re not taking five minutes to explain the move, how they learned it and why it will be your doom.


Die One Thousand Deaths! is pretty long attack statement. It also explains that you will die 1000 times…

in less than a minute…



In martial arts films? I’m only aware of that in SF.


For dramatic reasons



I dunno, Guy tends to shut up while he’s fighting.


That shit was too real.

On topic, ST Akuma only grunts.


It makes the battle more dramatic


Vega only does it for his BRUDY HI CRAW, and that’s because it’s so stylin you just gonna let everyone know what special move you’re rocking.


I think they should make the talking even more dynamic, like if the game could detect when you choke.

Ryu: Haduuuken! Focus-Dash-NOTHING!? FUCK!!


Haha, that would rule.


Yes, Have you ever heard of the term Kia?


It would make things kinda bland without some sort of attack being yelled out. I mean, have you ever seen a fireball war between two Akumas? It’s a little… uh… well, not for me.

Someone said grunting makes you stronger when you lift a weight or something. I feel this is inaccurate though it doesn’t really pertain to the topic. You should exhale when doing anything physical to encourage breathing as it allows you to get oxygen to your muscles at a more regular interval rather than grunting and having to quickly gasp for air afterwards. It’s why a boxer makes that “ish ish ish” sound when they’re throwing punches. They exhale during each punch AND it tightens stomach muscles somewhat so they don’t get dinged as hard during a counter hit should that occur.