So why isn't Melee considered a fighting game exactly?


I never seem to get a clear answer so I would like to know SRKs opinion on why it isn’t.


No, go away.


Because too many dumb threads.


Because it’s fucking stupid and no one in their “Community” can agree on any type of rulings for more then 3 seconds.


Because the box doesn’t say “Capcom”.


Whoa didn’t expect some anger over a simple question.



I was really hoping for some thought out responses, because I am also curious as to why exactly it isn’t considered a fighting game. I wouldn’t think it should have anything to do with the SSB community.


Because the question has been asked over and over…and it never EVER ends well.


Here we go again.


Okay here’s my take on this.

I don’t think it’s the issue is with the fighting game community accepting Smash as a fighting game, but the stigma that is associated with it that arose when Smash players tried to get acceptance from the FGC.

Granted not every Smash player is like this, I know some personally who are “socially” normal individuals of society myself but the typical stereotype is that every Smash player is are childish men, etc. and I’ve seen some Smash players unfortunately fulfill that stereotype, thus giving their community a bad name.

I’d like to elaborate further and I could be wrong but I don’t know as much as the next poster to warrant a well thought out post.


This topic has been discussed to death.
Even had a topic were the mod here didn’t bother locking the thread so everyone can just vent for the next several weeks.

In the end, the verdict was “LOL, FUCK OFF!!”


This is probably the 100th time the question has been asked. Why does it matter if it’s considered a fighting game or not? If you like playing smash, then play it. What other communities think of the game shouldn’t affect how you like it, don’t seek validation for it. Unless there’s a nagging little doubt in the back in your head that you’re not having as much fun as you think you’re having.


You better pick up your crap and leave these forums. Your kind isn’t welcome here. I won’t ask twice.


It’s this thread again.


Because it’s a party game.


no items. fd only dumbass


Because I only play (insert fighting game here). if you don’t play (insert fighting game here), then you are an idiot. Simple as that. Everyone should agree with my tastes and only play (insert fighting game here) and not dumb games like Smash and other competing fighting games.


Like SfxT? O.o


And this thread is


I think only mindless drones don’t consider it a fighting game

Now , why it isn’t an accepted aspect of this community? Not really sure … And I haven’t been around long enough to know why. But I personally doubt its becuz the smash community is more “immature” than this one.