SO, why isn't PS3 regular controllers not allowed in tournies?


I saw this brought up after a Kotaku article a few months ago, and I meant to ask then but forgot. The kid used a PS3 controller, but had to switch to another one halfway through, and he lost because of it.

Everyone was saying he should have known better and it’s common knowledge… but I have no idea this was the case. I use a PS3 controller for all my gaming online, and while I think the controller sometimes decides to use different buttons then I pressed(it trys to grab or bursts when I only pressed 1 button) I myself would be annoyed if I had to change if I went to a tourny(which I never would except for Soul Caliber.)

So, why is it not allowed?


The XMB/Home button.

Basically anyone can hit that…and screw with the match.


^ That’s why people use pads/sticks,
That’s one advantage to the XBOX 360 Regular Controller due to it’s harder to hit the XBOX Home button on it.


Seriously? I have used Dualshock 3 since SF4 released and I have never once accidentally hit the home button during a match.


At Evo2k10, there was an instance where a match was being played on the main stage. Apparently, someone whom played on the stage beforehand was using a wireless ps3 controller and forgot to disengage it from that console. That person ended up hitting the Home button and completely threw off the flow of the match half way through.

Think about that for a second. Let it sink in.


Oh, right, I can see how that could happen.


If you want to use the dual shock, get a PSX>USB adapter and plug a PS2 pad in. Problem solved.


Not to mention, there’s been tournaments where people would not de-sync the control and leave it be, so when there buddy plays the next match and they see them losing, hit that home button to save the day.


You don’t. I’ve seen it happen in person in almost every tournament that allowed wireless controllers.


It really isn’t the same. I tried this at a tournament and my execution dropped 50% easily.


If you really want to use a ps3 pad, you could just take out the battery of your controller when you go to a tourney so it only works wired.


The PS1 and PS2 pads are really better controllers for fighting games if you get used to the different d-pad stiffness between controllers.

…and yeah, wireless controllers + tournaments = no. MLG has never allowed the stock 360 controllers either, players have actually gone through a lot of trouble because of MS’ inconsistent wired controller manufacturing. (besides unreliable retail stock MS controllers are known to sometimes have “slow turn” where the sticks respond weird, and people wear them out, so tournament players would literally buy them in bulk)


Hmm… I’m the opposite in that sense… I find PS3 pads impossible to hit that R2 with… 3Ks? GTFO…


Plug n’ play with wired controllers/sticks/pads, it just makes if easier. With wireless controllers it takes time to pair/sync and if not charged matches could be stopped or delayed, because of an uncharged controller.


Wow, I got like no notifs for this thread.

I now see the problem of this. While I never had that issue happen myself, I can see it happening and causing a huge problem.

I did not know they made adapters so you could use your PS2 controllers on the PS3. Where could I find such an adapter because that would save me a lot of money in buying new controllers, plus I don’t need to worry about recharging them.


But they’re not allowed…


It’s literally the only one, then. Although the PS3 pad is only marginally less awful.

Saturn. It’s the only [S]console[/S] pad that counts.



I prefer the XBOX 360 Controller by a long shot, because the PS3 controller analogs feel like sand paper.
The XBOX one feels better on my tiny hands even though it should be the PS3 controller.


Have you tried a Japanese Saturn pad? If not, give one a go - they’re small hand friendly…