So why not Magneto DHC into sentinel?



You can rom infinite into stand roundhouse, cancel the first hit into tempest then dhc into hyper sentinel forces. If you do it correctly Sentinel doesn’t damage tone and his dhc becomes just as busted as storm -> sentinel.

Why don’t people use this more? I understand the power of magneto -> storm, but I think this is underrated. It turns magneto’s normally weak damage on his infinite into a powerhouse guranteeed 100+ damage points + a free tag.

Also, if need be, you can do unmashable tempests using sentinel ground, and of course the rocket punch assist is a great combo starter and assist punisher.

I think Mag, sentinel, assist is underplayed.


I’m totally agree!!!

Sent and magneto always make a good team, just look teams like row, combofiend and others, they are a powerfull mix!!! Another way to DHC magneto into sent it’s like this:, c.Hp, sj.HK addf lk, mk then normal jump lk + call irom man AAA (IM must be on the third place), HP, HK, Tempest, (tempest hits), DHC into HSF, it’s totally unmashable and makes a ton of damage, after HSF you can do whatever you want, I use to go into fast fly combos and resets after that.


I don’t really play sentinel

but this IS what I do whenever I play stuff like MSS. I don’t really do much resets…I just do combos into DHCs into another DHC even. mag to sent…mag to storm to sent…storm to sent…etc. kills off whatever character it is that you’re usually comboing.


you can actually dhc into sentinels drone super from magneto’s tempest, you just do a boomerang tempest in the air after 4 hits


the first post is talking about from tempest…

you can also do ROM, TK EM Disruptor xx MT xx HSF (can add a sjc hk before the TK EM)


I think magneto to sentinel versus storm to sentinel is not prevalently used because the dhc’s aren’t as stable. Most of the time I’ve found that going from tempest to hsf, sometimes the little tempest rocks will break the combo by knocking their point in a weird direction while the drones are going.

The most stable is probably off the launch into the boomerang. But the cancel timing for that is tricky.


Well it depends of what kind of combo you do, if you make a tempest at the right height there is no problem and you don’t need that tricky timing, well may be i’m agree with sent and mag’s DHCs because sentinel and mag are my favorite two characters in the game… lol


hey guys i have been using msp alot but im getting bored of it and i want to use a team that involves magneto and sentinel in it. Any goot teams that have mag and sent in them?
Also any good combos using sent assist while using mag?


The two classic teams are rowtron and combofiend. Magneto cable sentinel, and Magneto Ironman Sentinel.

Ironman is in the middle because of his frame kill and deadly dhc, but the team is really a magneto sentinel team with the assist in the middle instead of last.


oh k well im thinking of going back to marvel and using another team other than msp

I like the characters on combofiend. Any 1 got combos for that team?


I have some easy combos, with a lot of damage:

With magneto: Launch, setup for rom, rom (optional) then + ironman AAA, hp, hk, magnetic tempest (in the air of course), unmashable, a lot of damage.

With ironman: launch + sentinel drones assist,,, neutral fierce, your enemy falls into drones, lp unibeam XXX proton cannon, before the launch your can do some infinite reps. for more damage, and after the proton cannon you can DHc into HSF, if your enemy survives, lol

With sent: launch,, FF, + magneto proj assist, HP, hcf + pp, this last whiffs, so wait until magneto hits and DHC into proton cannon, this last is an old combo but very useful. If you want more combos just ask me, combofiend it’s my favorite team.


It’s mashable. And may be unreliable at times. Plus Sentinel doesn’t follow Magneto in the order of most teams.


If you were going to dhc from mags into sentinel, you wouldn’t do hyper grav tempest or anything remotely mashable. In fact, your infinite does most of the damage before the dhc, if tempest hits it makes sentinel damage tone…rocket punch will literally do 1 point of damage.

So the fix to this is to end your infinite, start up tempest, but dhc before any of the tempest metals come out into sentinel’s drones. In that case it DOESN"T damage tone and does as much damage as storm -> sentinel.
I guess the issue is that you have to do all the reps of the infinite. You mess up, you lose it. Storm into lightning attack is braindead easy.

However, after seeing magneto -> ironman a million times, I figured why not just do the same with sentinel?

You do lose the framekill of having ironman or storm as your dhc though.


Thanks by clarify this scuddman, also I must remember you that when you dhc the damage scale resets or semi-resets, may be whatever thing u do after the HSF will do only 1 point of damage, so i use to go into resets after that… but man… this is you threat, i must say again i’m agree to Dhc magneto into sentinel, there must be around there a lot of diferent ways to do it, for audio project, yes, it’s true sentinel doesn’t follow Magneto in the order of most teams, but it’s better to know how to Dhc and don’t need it… than need to do it and don’t know how to do it.