So why was Alpha 3 Upper ignored/abandoned?

I’m just wondering… What was so bad about this game that made people not want to play it?

Was it really just a bad game or did people just not want to have to adjust to a new revision?

I’d like to know this as well. You’d think with more characters, it would be the version of choice?

crouch cancels and infinites and pretty much glitch abusing

…that and V-ism being too powerful

I think it’s because upper was released on console first then arcade. The arcade version was released really late in alpha 3’s lifespan. Everyone was playing 3rd strike or CvS then.

Upper was ignored pretty much BECAUSE infinites and crouch cancelling were nerfed.

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I still can’t believe SRK still thinks crouch canceling makes Alpha 3 a more interesting game.

A2G got shit on because Valle CC got nerfed (and some questionable other changes)
Z3 wasn’t the first game that suffered from this…

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a3 with no crouch cancels isnt a3 at all =(

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Why do people always ask these types of questions whenever an old Capcom game (and maybe others, but typically Capcom games) is rereleased?

Valle CC or more specifically, its effect – the opponent’s inability to crouch when the CC is started – wasn’t changed at all for A2G. Some characters had their actual CC weakened in terms of damage, but for the most part Valle CCs are still very much like SFA2’s. The characters whose CCs were weakened are Gen, Rolento, Birdie, and to a certain extent, Chun Li and Akuma.

Very true.

Why don’t people play A2 Gold instead of A2?

Why didn’t people drop CvS1 and start playing CvS Pro?

Why don’t people like CvS2 EO, the version without Roll Canceling?

Why do some people like ST a lot more that Hyper SF2?

Why did some people stick to HF and not play Super SF2 when it came out?

A3 is somewhat the same. Factors include:

-A3 was established. It’s not like Upper came out a month after regular arcade A3. It came out years later, after people had gotten used to A3 as it was, and even the console versions of A3 have more in common with the arcade version than they do with Upper.

-Questionable changes. I don’t know about too many of the character-specific changes, other than Dee Jay went from being the character with the least amount of recovery time on his projectile, to being the character with the most. V-ISM was weakened, crouch cancels completely removed. Because Capcom is lazy, their idea of balancing a game in the revised version, is “rape everything.” V-Akuma and V-Sak somewhat weaker in Upper, but a lot of second-tier and mid-tier V-ISM characters suffered for no reason. 2 more changes that just came to mind- Dhalsim is weaker, and Rose inherits the bug from the PSX/DC version of A3, where her level 2/3 Soul Throw supers can be mashed out of, and you can roll to safety. Yay!!! ~~!

-Never released in America. As you can imagine, this hurt the popularity of the game.

The question is really why WOULD you pick up SFA3 Upper? If you’ve been playing regular A3 for years, and none of the changes are especailly good? The only thing Z3 Upper has going for it is the new characters, and Dee Jay is weaker than on the PSX/DC.


to tell u the truth alpha3 is actually my favorite sf game

The ONLY reason the player base died down is because it was dissed by Evo. That simple. Infinites may have caused some players to stop but infinites and crouch cancelling aren’t gamebreaking at all with the top characters in the game not even having them. Most people don’t have the skill to implement it.

The alpha series is the game Evo was built on. Evo dissed it when they went console since there was never a direct arcade port and other reasons having to do with emulation and…well, whatever reason Evo chose to give per year. Now there isn’t any excuse:wgrin:

If it isn’t included at Evo, most tournament players won’t waste their time on a game no matter how great or fun. It’s one of my top 2 games ever but I play for competition.

On the other hand, including a game at Evo isn’t going to get me to play a game I wasn’t already playing. I think most are like that.

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My guess is that it must be played on a hand held.

IMO y would u pay $250.00 to play 1 game. Also it’s always better to play any FG on a Big screen with an Arcade stick/ Ps2 pad.

IMO the psp’s control scheme is doesn’t seem…Confortable.


I think Capcom learned their lesson when it came to Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. A few players and I were discussing the changes they made for Hyper mode. CC infinites work fine on A3 characters, including those with the new Isms, but they only work for a handful of reps on the other interations (A1, A2, etc)

Here, they could have just removed CC’s altogether, but instead they limited its effectiveness on non-A3 characters, but more importantly, they made new Isms with advantages of its own. No, it’s not perfect, but this is the first time Capcom really tried to balance a game like this without just “nerfing” characters or just simply removing features that made the game interesting. Better yet, there are 33 dipset switches for Hyper mode, so in essence, Capcom gave us the choice what should be allowed and what shouldn’t; how can you ask for anything more?

I actually hope the Hyper mode catches on, because I think it has great potential. The variety is simply mind boggling. You want to play Ryu? cool … which iteration? A1? A2? A2G? A3? A3 what? Vism? Xism? Aism? or how about the new ones? CE ism with his kickass crossups and invincibility startup on his hurricane? or how about DS-ism with ground AND air combos?

The possibilities are endless. I dare say, this is just as good as having Street Fighter Alpha 4.

Huh? It’s one of the best SFs with or without crouch cancelling. That isn’t what makes it interesting. It’s a pretty negligible issue and nothing that makes or breaks the game.

Lol…‘Dipset’? :rofl:

Lol good one.

They’re talking about SFA3 upper, not SFA3 double upper :x