So with Arc Eye's not being Manufactured anymore what are other button LED Mods?

So I’ve never done any button LED mods before but I know how to solder which shouldn’t be a problem. Though I want some insight to how everything works.

So with a button mod we need an LED controller such as a Sparky PWM or a FGWidget.
Which one of the two are better?

And with the owner of Arc Eye 2’s stopping production of the Arc Eye’s What other LEDs can fit in Sanwa Buttons that are compatible with the above LED Controllers?

Are there other easier, plug and play controllers out there?

I was looking at Uila but it doesnt’ seem to work in a sanwa button, are there any other LED’s that fit in Sanwa Buttons?

KNsert is both Seimitsu and Sanwa fit.

LED Controller such as Sparky Jr or Spark PWM SMD or FGWidget LED Controller is not needed for LED Butons.
The LED Controller is only needed for if you want cool effects happen to the LED.
If all you want is Light on Press, then LED Controller is not needed.

Uila and KNsert can work with Sparky PWM SMD.
Uila and KNsert can work with FGWidget LED Controller.

Uila will not get full use of colors with FGWidget LED Controller.
As the FGWidget LED Controller can only do one channel of color.
So for RGB, you can get Red or Green or Blue or Cyan or Magenta or Yellow or White.

KNsert will not get full use of Sparky PWM SMD.
Since KNsert is only white LED, there are no colors for Sparky PWM SMD to do.
The only thing Sparky PWM SMD can do to KNsert is brighten or dim the white LED.

Uila with Sparky PWM SMD and ArcEye II with Sparky Jr are the only plug and play.

Hmm looks like i won’t be able to do a cool LED mod, Arceyes aren’t being manufactured anymore ):

Uilas will fit in Sanwas just fine.

Will Uila fit in PS-14-K and the Rollie Asian translucent buttons? Can’t I just hook up all of them to a VCC/GND if I don’t want any fancy lighting, setting to only one color (maybe white)?

I have Uila S and Sanwa OBSC-30.
The LED of Uila S does not let the Button Plunger press down.
The Plunger has to be cut, like how it is to use ArcEye II in Sanwa OBSC-30.

There is a specifically made Uila, called Uila RGB, to fit the Rollie.

If all you do is hook Anode to +5V and Cathode to Ground, then LED always on.
If you want Light on Press, then you wire differently.

Alternatively, there is always the 3mm LED approach.
Drill holes to fit a 3mm LED, place LED in, glue and wire up.


Wouldn’t I still need a controller if I’m going to use the “Light On Button Press”? I’m sure the Sparky PWM has it so that when the single lead from the button goes through the PCB it registers and sends power to the LED correct?

No, for basic Light on Press, LED Controller is not required.
LED Controller just provide visual effects that is not Light on Press.

Anode to +5V.
Cathode to Button Signal.
That is all you have to do for Light on Press.

So does the regular Uila fit in a sanwa?
I’m looking for RGB LEDs that will fit in a sanwa 30mm OBSC.
with a Sparky JR.

you can always PM gummowned
i know he has a substantial amount of arceyes in his stock

lol yeah I’m still sitting on like 500 of them. I’m sure I could sell off a few.

haha i keep forgetting you changed your name to gummo gummowned…

@toodles is working on an RGB controller to which I am pretty sure there will be a new RGB version of the KNserts and at least compatibility with the UIlA

Over at Sparky, we have been working on a few initiatives that would be cost effective and technically entry level for users
Waiting for other RGB controllers to hit the market before reveal.

Teaser. How about an RGB LED controller with Wii and PS3 console bundled in one?
Standalone or add to XBOX for quad mod

Yeah that would be great. I’m planning on going to evo and I wanna have a fight stick worth showing off. Planning on getting a Hori fighting edge or a Razer Arcade stick once those go out. But theres always this issue of LEDs not being able to fit in sanwa buttons without modification. And from what I’ve heard the Sparky is prolly the best controller on the market right now.

Its solderless right? I think the FGWidget needs the pins soldered onto the PCB

are there any LEDs for 24mm buttons?

sure there are LED’s for 24 mm buttons,
those are normal 5mm or 3mm LED’s that you drill a hole and glue to the button
as for LED button board inserts, no
you’d have to do a lot of modification to an existing KNinsert by shaving them down, and putting the LED closer to the center to every one you need to have done