So would any Zero player consider Zero an "easy mode character"?

I was just wondering this myself since lately I’ve been beating one of my friends (Who is widely considered to be the best in our group) alot more consistently ever since I picked up Zero a couple months ago. Every single time I beat him using Zero, he goes off on a tangent calling me a scrub and a fraud and a “player so bad it would make OMGItzAndre look good” and claims how much better he is at the game than I am calling me garbage for using Zero, the “scrubbiest” character in the game, while he keeps bragging about how Vergil and Wesker take alot more skill to use than Zero. (InB4Potcallingthekettleblackjoke)

But to be honest, it really has been bugging me lately. Ever since I picked up Zero, how else have I been able to be beating our best player more consistently yet I still got bodied by other people at UFGT? It could be the salt coming from my friend talking, but at the same time, I can kinda see why he’d be upset about Zero being an easy to use character, but I can already tell from experience that, while he isn’t the most execution heavy character out there, there is still quite a big barrier of execution and entry separating Zero from the average low execution player, whereas characters like Wesker, Wolverine, etc. who take less execution can be used by the player but the very fact that Zero has low health and needs to hold down at least one button at all times scares the average joe away from using him more often. So I just wanted to know what you guys think of the matter. Is Zero as big a scrubby easy mode character as my friend makes him out to be or is there more to it than that?

Well, scrubs will be scrubs, and if he’s playing Wesker of all people (MMHS all day baby), he can’t really complain. You’re friend, honestly, sounds like a big bitch.

The reason Zero is called a easy mode character has nothing to do with execution, but rather the fact he controls, without effort, all areas of the screen. Buster is really good, he has huge priority on his normals, and really good movement. Add to this he can 100% off any hits, and corner carry you, where he can then perform a 50/50 that is really, really difficult to block.

But hey, that’s Marvel 3.


I really wish I was kidding. Ironically enough, his team is Wesker/Trish/Vergil, so take that as you will.

Honestly, it just sounds like this dude wants to complain because he doesn’t know how to deal with the character. If you enjoy playing the character, then say screw the haters and keep playing him. Ease of use is subjective anyways.


I’d say once you learn how to play him, he can make some matchups look insanely free to the point where autopilot and scrubby play is enough to win barring some AA assists, especially at the intermediate level.

Aside from executional requirements, I don’t think Zero is very hard to play.

Oh, and regardless of who your friend plays or what he thinks, he jus’ salty mang, whether Zero is scrubby or not shouldn’t influence your opinion on who to play.

tell your friend to go suck a dick

People will always say other people’s characters are “auto-pilot” to feel that they are being challenged a lot more than his/her opponent.

Zero isnt “scrubby” but he has a lot of tools that let you get away with “scrubby” play, Hes pretty close to Cable in a sense were he controls space and does amazing Damage, Hes the best on a lot of people tierlist out of fear and one decent gimmick ( L L )

Getting the hit is pretty easy with zero, but everything else takes execution. _
But really? Vergil??? Wesker??? Really??? Really???


Really the only thing hard about using him is just charging the buster besides that hes pretty easy

Zero is more execution heavy than most characters.
Why do you think people drop lightning loops so often?

He’s very good, but not scrubby.

I think people are forgetting that there aren’t many high level zero players out there in competitive play besides a few (like Mihe and Flocker). Why? Because Zero is a straight up glass cannon.

Zero might be ridiculous at filling up the screen with buster canceled raikousens and hadenkis but good players who know understand how to anticipate and blow up Zero’s unsafe approaches literally OWN scrubby zero players.

Seriously, if players are getting hit by and not punishing/grabbing raw Jump H (pizza cutter) or continually getting crossed up by command dash + beam/arrow assist then those players are “EASYMODE,” or in other words, scrubs.

I honestly think that Zero players have to work extra extra EXTRA hard to stay alive against top level players and they also have to stay on their toes and be mindful of their spacing against other top tier characters (magneto, dormammu, vergil, etc). At a scrub level, he may be considered easy mode but against players who are very versed in the match up very well, that red robot has to play almost perfect.

But still, it’s fair to say that Zero has ridiculous tools. He’s just not as easymode as people think.

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Against good players who don’t press alot of buttons it’s harder to get that hit w/ Zero. Online/Low level play Zero is considered easy mode/unbeatable etc…

Sure its hard to stay alive but the fact that its’s also as hard to catch him as well, I mean if they’re using zero may cry its not easy with that jam session in your face lol. Zero just has so much broken and ridiculous amount of tools that can just easily let the other player not be able to play at all.But yeah been a long zero player since vanilla but getting tired of using him since everyone started to bandwagon on the zero train -_-

PS: I don’t think mihe’s that much of a good zero, well IMO yeah because he has good execution, but that’s about it

Nah lightning is pretty easy just TKing the lightnings is pretty simple imo, i even see lots of people doing it online now

realistically he’s probably in the middle for execution. there’s a lot of things people are scared of when playing zero but when u get to the higher levels, you can’t just fire busters anywhere into lightning and hope you get hit. that’s just asking to get TOD’d right there.

but comparing him to wesker and vergil? pah.

I too have been playing zero since vanilla (I’m a huge fan of the MMX series) and yea you have to be more cautious with zero because of the fact that his damage output isn’t all that great without assists to extend his combos and he can die from a well placed combo. He does take more patience to play and a little more execution for his high damage combos. But it’s about who you are comfortable playing with. Next time you both should just go random so he feels he will have a chance…lol

Saw this thread in the “recent activity” window and just had to comment; while I don’t consider Zero scrubby at all I think coming into his character subforum and asking this question is obviously going to net something of a sample bias.

I agree. Character loyalty can bring about biased opinions.

I’ll say one thing though. I think a huge majority of all Zero players (the ones I see at events and tournaments) are scrubby players and I think a lot of people can agree with me on that one.