So wtf is exactly up with the new perfect 360s?

I fortunately have the older version of 360s with the smaller transmitters,
but my homeboy got a new mas stick and the joystick is all sorts of wack. its hard to hit corners and does not register directions well, and apparently this is happening with all newer 360 sticks,

anyone got the exact scoop?

Here’s the scoop:
P360’s are overrated and overpriced. Especially with the redesign changes you mentioned. Some people swear by them, but with reliability being an issue they’re just not worth it.

And now re read what he said. And dont bother with p360s

QFT. Microswitches FTW. I like Sanwa the best but I’d use a competition/super stick any day over P360. They’re flat our more reliable and are just as responsive as any other US stick. P360’s are too hard to maintain for the “benefits” you get from them.

I spoke with Dreaded Fist about this and he homemade some new, smaller actuators to fit on the newer P360s.

Basically, the smaller the actuator, the more sensitive it becomes, so if you make the actuator a little smaller, diaganols will register just like an old style P360.

Here’s some pics for comparison:

Pic 1 (Stock actuator):

Pic 2 (Modified actuator):

If DF happens to pop in the thread, maybe he can share some info on how he made the new actuators.

hey guys i’ve been through literally a DOZEN P360 from

I’ve had so many freakin problems with the news it has become a nightmare and quite costly. ever since happ got the copyright to the p360, the joysticks have gone to shitt, literally

anyways i have returned most of the P360 back to happ explaining the problems, here is what i’ve been through. now remember these are BRAND NEW and having problems with: couple of them didn’t register directions at all, one did not go up, another ocassionaly did not go up, another didn’t go to the right… fockin retarded if you ask me.

now the biggest thing thats been buggin me is that at first the P360’s are smooth like butter when you rotate the stick around and stuff. after a few days or even extreme play in one day (mvc2) the joysticks start to creak, squeak, and feel weird, so weird that is does through game play off where you start to miss basic moves you normally would never miss. i hate this shitt

i’ve come up with a temp fix as of this moment to this creaking of the sticks. i noticed the plastics the sticks are made of have some kind of gloss or coating on the out side, once this wears off i think thats when the creaking starts. (happ prolly change the plastic quality to save money or something) so the temp fix i did was to somehow lube this friction area on the stick. but you have to totally disassemble the P360 to do this. I used some VERY FINE GRAIN DRY GRAPHITE. as of this moment (2 days) its been holding out, just don’t know how long it’ll last though (might i add that this graphite fix only fixes the problem about 90%, because i still can feel n even hear/feel creaking in the stick)

anyone else having problems too with P360’s??? man i hope people start bitch’n back at happ

Bichin at Happ probably won’t do anything. Look what happened with X-Arcade. Just learn to use microswitch sticks or get someone like Dreaded Fist to fix up your P360.

I think that’s the point…you have to mod the hell out of a stick that costs too much in the first place. Most people just don’t like that combo. They want to either mod or pay the money, but not both.

i liked my P360 while it lasted… installed a light spring and a super stick… shit worked wonderfully til it died about two years later.

I made a thread for this already but basically what you do is buy a piece of pvc pipe with the inner diameter of 3/8". Even though it says 3/8" on the pipe, it’s actually a little smaller so you need to enlarge with a 3/8" drill bit. I’ll try to dig up the old thread.

I’ve called a lot of places and I was told that they have 3/8" outer diameters. When you say inner diameter does it say on the pipe 3/8" inner or does it just say 3/8" on the pipe? According to that thread about modding sticks the pipe should be around 19mm long so how do you actually cut those things?

Dreaded Fist- hey bro where can i find this pvc that is 3/8" diameter? like home depot or a specialty store???

and hows you go about cutting it ?

I went to all kinds of places today looking for that 3/8 " pvc pipe. Home depot doesn’t have it - the smallest they have is 1/2 of an inch. Found it but the hole in the middle was too big for the stick so I said fuck it and went ahead and shaved down the stock actuator with a knife and sand paper it until all sides are smooth. It was a bitch to do - 3 hours total just to get it perfect. I think it can find corners much nicer now - time to go and test it out somewhere.


next time use drills and vice.

I have to disagree. Although they are pricey I have come upon these wack sticks but I ordered one a year ago and just 4 months ago I ordered another and they work perfect. The only difference I noticed is that sticks with black sensors won’t work. But it the stick has the white or seethrough sensors they work fine.

I’m too late with my reply but I got the pipes from Home Depot. It says 3/8" on the pipe which is the inner diameter. It was actually one of those semi flexible pipes. I used a circular saw with a jig to cut multiple pipes at once but you can just do it with a pipe cutter or even a hack saw.

Yes, I have this EXACT problem. I have 2 360s, 1 of them is fine (thanks to Dreaded Fist’s acutator), the other is just a piece of shit. (It’s a newer Happ too…) I’ve tried everything… fixing the acutator, cleaning it etc. and nothing works… It still squeaks and I hear creaks. (Mostly happens on the bottom of the joystick, also at the bottom diagonals…) I just bought a custom Seimitsu stick because I’m just sick of Happ controls. (I have 2 X-arcades modded with Comp. stick/buttons but that stick is pure shit.) I’m seriously sick of American joystick parts… i’ve spent way too much money on trying to keep my sticks in decent condition.

/end rant

Do they not make a prototype of the joysticks before they massproduce it?
Someone should really talk to HAPP and let them understand that we do not tolerate this crap.

The 360 sticks were not originally done by Happ, but by Wico whom Happ bought up. In fact, almost none of Happ’s sticks are actually made by Happ.