So Ya or nay on this issue?

Found this subject at Newsarama thought it was interesting to look at…

Eh. If you’re going to create a minority character, then it really depends. If the race or gender is just a natural outgrowth of the personality, background, and traits that you have in mind, then alright. But if you go into it with the express goal of empowering a certain race or gender, then yeah… by definition, that is tokenism, and it will probably reflect negatively in your character.

There should be more ethnicity in comics sure. But I dunno this may be selfish but being Latino sometimes I don’t want to see Latinos in books. They date white women / white men ONLY which is not a problem but that’s the only race they ever date. Who do we have now? Depowered Rictor with Wolfsbane? Renee Montoya, Lesbian sleeping with Batwoman? What was that Spanish mutie doctor that dated Beast? Cecilia Reyes, yeah.

I dunno man I’ve dated around and women from other races but I can tell you that we mostly date and intermarry within our race, especially in cities where we are around our own where these funny books take place. I’d love to see some Latino on Latino action. Even Latino and Black action. Or hell them Asians is looking pretty damn good lately it’s gotta be the shoes. :looney: Seriously though throw another race in there… X-Force used to make me angry with Rictor chasing around Boomer/Meltdown who was taken by Cannonball when Feral was right there… okay she was a freaking monster but she was Latina and whatever that Reyes dated Beast… Echo is not dating yet. I got money on Ronin/Hawkeye or Iron Fist tapping that… I will pass out if Luke Cage who divorces his Skrull wife taps that first…

I suppose it goes the other way. Hudlin did have a point about people of African decent not being married so he got to marry off Storm and Black Panther. Which is fine I guess I only wish it had some sort of build up and didn’t come out of nowhere but what can you do. Forge is Native American I mean that could of worked out fine also to me but so it goes.

Something like Cloak and Dagger flowed naturally and to me it’s the best interacial relationship in comics when it is done right. I remember talking to Don McGregor before (he’s worked on various things but at the time he was writing the Zorro comic strip) that the way to do an Interacial relationship is to build it up and make the audience want it and have them ask for it first by building on their friendship. Latinos in hero books don’t even that. Instead it’s more like “HEY YOUR WHITE GET IN MY BED!” Come on man we are all not like that… :rolleyes:

JQ talked about being Latino how he wants to see more Latinos in comics before. But that’s the thing. Like he said, when you put someone in these universes they are pronE to all of the terrible things that happen to everyone else. They have to fall victim to getting beat up, dying, etc. If you keep these characters away from harm because of their ethnicity it makes them boring. As soon as something happens to them, people scream racism like Goliath buying it in Civil War (which is what started this topic and why JQ responded the way he did). I mean, Punisher killed a bunch of Caucasians and the entire thing lead to Captain America’s death even if it happened in another book but it’s a slippery slope. Ha it’s like that lady saying Resident Evil 5 is racial because Chris is in Africa. You know they’ve been killing Caucasian Zombies for years… I’m not saying an African male dying and everyone mourning hasn’t been done a bajillion times like every other war movie and there may be truth to the Goliath claims (And I still get pissed when I see the token black guy being the first to die in a movie and it STILL happens WTF it’s 2007 already) and there aren’t bigger issues here because there are, at the end of the day if Goliath was Caucasian no one would rase a fuss. I’m not sure what is the right solution, again it’s a slippery slope…

Would be nice. I thought that second gen team of X-Men with Storm, Colossus, Banshee, Sunfire, Wolverine, Thunderbird, Nightcrawler was hella interesting - people all around the world. Then again there’s Captain _lanet… Hey now I didn’t say his name so hyper mods please don’t ban me…

I apologize if I’ve offended anyone with anything I said. Man talking about Race openly on the net always feels akward… like talking about Religion or Politics… it’s like bringing these topics up on a first date or something…

Vibe. End thread.

You sir are correct on the latino relations in comics right now, but hey they’re are some who break that barrier.

I.E. Maria (black trantula from H4H) is dating Sang chi, yes the book may suck but I like the aspect of finally seeing a latina getting it on someone who isn’t white. Sadly though it’s H4H so no one will ever know about this regardless.

Also Sano you should check out the District X run that had an interesting married couple who were both latino/latina.

If you wanna close the thread due to it being considered racist or bias then feel free but I just brought it up to see how SRK felt on the subject. No one’s being racist at all on that thread it’s just peep’s opinions on how the Tokinism is used alot in comics and stories.

Thanks man I’ll check those books out. I dropped Heroes For Hire some time ago, that is good news though.

I won’t close the thread, seems fine for now. So long as people stay within SRK’s rules regarding racism there shouldn’t be a problem. If it gets out of hand I’ll shut it down.