So Yea, Lets talk about this AKUMA "Problem"

“Some people say he is very good, and others say he is* too good*…and believe me there’s a big difference between the two.”
~Says the post on SRK’s homepage.

And thats the final straw before i had to make this thread.
I’m starting to get a little tired of people complaining about Akuma and his god-tier tendencies.

Let me make it clear: I dont like Akuma. I hate everything about him from that silly orange topknot on down to those ridiculous flip-flops that stayed glued to his feet.
But i love how difficult it is to beat him.

He is supposed to be the ultimate Street Fighter. The person you face after you master the game.
This whole, letting people choose him thing is fucking it all up because opponents want him nerfed.
He’s not supposed to be nerfed in HD Remix. He should be the best. God tier level. You want a nerfed Akuma go play SF4. And if you are tired of people using him on XBL, then don’t play that person.
I generally don’t respect any serious Akuma player in the first place.

So what i’m saying is STOP complaining that he is too good. Its like saying water is too wet.
Just let it be.

Am i the only person thinking this?

Probably, yeah.

I forgot who said this, but it seemed true to me. The quote was…

“Akuma is like 3rd Strike Yun if Chun Li didn’t exist.”

I think that sums it up. I don’t think he’s broken, just really good.

Water’s only wet until it dries :smile:.

I kind of agree with you. HD Remix incarnation of Akuma is still too strong, and nerfing him further might not make him feel like Akuma anymore. I’m inclined to think the solution to the Akuma problem would be to un-nerf him so soft-banning him at tournaments becomes an easy non-controversial solution. At least it’d be the easiest thing to do.

There are people that try to pick Akuma at HDr and ST tournaments?
And they aren’t pelted with rotten foods?

Picking Akuma in this game isnt cool.

I never took someone who played Akuma seriously. Even if I lost. Its mostly kids who pick him anyway. I’ve never picked him since I got the game and Im sure good players would refrain from picking him because he does come off as a “cheater.” He’s not unstoppable, but playing against him makes you feel like you’re not even playing street fighter. Air fireball? Common now.

This is a joke thread, right?



First, the raging demon guarnateed off low blocked air fireball BS is a bug and should be fixed in a patch sometime. Sirlin himself said in the development blog that they found a whole bunch of different ways to guarantee an RD after a blocked air fireball and they took all the ones they found out of the game, so I don’t feel like I have to defend my opinion in saying that. (Source for that line is the same as above, towards the bottom of the article.)

EDIT: Deleted the rest because this thread should probably not be taken seriously.

My mom played Akuma today and she only won 18 of the 19 matches…so no, he’s not broken

Let’s NOT talk about this Akuma ‘problem.’ We’ll find out at the major tourneys once and for all if Akuma is too good.

And by the way, there was a deliberate attempt to balance Akuma for competitive play in STHD, so part of your philosophy on the whole thing is incorrect from the getgo.

That’s the whole point of the debate… whether he should be banned so that tournaments can actually be interesting, and the game kept interesting, or unbanned, and then we end up with the Super Akuma Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix that we have now.

And if your mom lost that 19th match spd, it’s probably because she was playing against another Akuma. :wink:

As a long time fan of akuma through several street fighter games, i’d be the first to admit that he’s seriously powerful in HDR.Fine, but so what??He’s still beatable, and every game has to have a “best” character.He’s annoying as hell sometimes, especially in the hands of cheap players, sure, but there ARE ways around 99% of the shit he can do.Personally speaking, instead of whining about his guaranteed raging demon, i just adapt my game and stay the fuck away from him EVERY time i see his super bar light up.If he wants to use it on me, he has to catch me first.

I main Akuma any chance i get in most SF games, but rarely use him in HDR.As far as i can tell, the majority of serious players see using him as giving you an instant advantage over the other guy, that’s why he’s instantly less attractive.There’s no kudos in using him.Most serious players want to be judged for their skill on an EVEN battlefield, not because they picked an improperly balanced, easily exploitable character that was originally designed to be unstoppable.That’s scrub teritory.

There are chinks in his armour, it’s just a case of exploiting them.Sure it’s tough, but it’s possible.Read the hundreds of strategies on SRK and elsewhere on this topic for some solid pointers.Besides, so fucking what if you get beat by a scrubby akuma every now and again.Join the club, we’ve all been there.They’re annoying but don’t whine, just avoid the fuck out of them on your dashboard and move on.

Whether HDR akuma is banned or not in tourneys is immaterial.A tourney win with Akuma in this game wouldn’t be worth the paper it was printed on…“well sure, he won, but he WAS using akuma”.

Who the fuck would take that win seriously??


Not another thread discussing whether Akuma is balanced or not… Since HDR came out every thread has, at one point or another turned into rant about Akuma and E. Honda.

Skankin’ is Right. The only way we’ll find out for sure is when the rules for EVO are released, or if people win major tournaments with him by a large margin.

If I was a mod, this thread would be closed.

Did I hear Mod? Did I hear closed?!?

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