So you parry, then what?

I think I posed this question a long time ago, but maybe it should be its own thread.

So- you parry something, anything, then what do you do? What are Remy’s best tactics to maximize the trade-off for releasing charge?

I’m asking because I’m finally seeing bread and butter patterns during a match and then parrying them. But alas, I’m either negating a short shoto combo string, an opponent jump-in, or defending myself during a jump-in. I don’t know if the trade-off for positioning plus charge is worth parrying something I could’ve easily blocked and worked around somehow.

Also, I started playing with Alex just for fun, mostly because my friend and I play console on weekends and he isn’t that good- so using Remy isn’t that beneficial. But- man, using someone other than Remy really improves parry game. Remy seems like a poor choice to start with in 3S.

Anyway, feedback?

Parrying with Remy is rarely a good idea unless it’s a sure thing. He doesn’t have the stamina to make those types of choices as they could potentially lose him the game. There are a few instances where it could be good however.

For example: a blocked shoto can only lead into a fireball or ex fireball unless they misconfirm a super/uppercut. In this situation, it’s safe to go for the red parry. Unfortunately, unless you have meter ( xx super), the best option is for the knockdown. should be used after you parry a laggy attack on the ground (ie. chun st.fierce, ken st.rh, point blank fireballs). Try to avoid ground to ground parries without meter.

If you do intend to parry air attacks while on the ground, go with if they’re far away, and cl.hp if they’re closer. Try not to punish with cr.hp unless its a really laggy move (ie. Q’s jump-ins). If you have meter and parry a jump-in, just super right after the parry.

For air to air parries, go with or It’s tempting to go for the j.hp juggle combo, but it’s too slow and they can usually counter parry by the time it comes out. Only use j.hp on laggy moves (ie. Hugo’s moves).

Ah, so I take it that parrying with Remy doesn’t lead into game-turning punishment unless meter is built.

Bumping an ancient thread to say that if you parry the attack of a crouching opponent and don’t have charge, you can do Cl.MK xx CBK for ok damage.

If I didn’t have meter and parried a low attack, I’d probably follow it up with a Cr.RH just to get the knockdown. I haven’t been playing Remy too long but this makes the most sense to me. shrugs

It’s a good option if you’re too far away for anything else to hit, but the knockdown is pretty much worthless since with Remy’s slow sweep you both recover at the same time.