So you Think you Can Dance

This might belong in the video thread but this is a regularly scheduled show.


I watched it yesterday (so sue me) and that guy David “sex” was frikin hilariously bad.

Just finished the vid: That is creepily good O.O

yeah that was the only guy that I thought was truly entertaining.

That italian guy though was a total douchenozzle. Why did he strip in front of the judges?

admittedly, i’ve watched every season of sytycd, i found most the poppers lat nightt o be good, but none of them were even on level with the last guy. i’m glad to see twitch back form last year, and blondie was hot everywhere but the face…

I watched every season so far as well.

Natalie from season 2 and that thick black chick were so fine in season 2. Some of those female dancers have some thunderous legs!:amazed:

1:35 just reminds me of a DMC character

I’ve got all the seasons of this show on my harddrive. I totally love this show.

From season 1 I liked Melody and Ryan. Season 2 I liked Natalie. Season 3 I liked Dominic, Sabra.

Here’s my favorite performances from last night’s episode:

Twitch: [media=youtube]4KjDKyb2JqU[/media]
Phillip Chbeeb: [media=youtube]aZEuY2fH4yo[/media]
Victor Kim: [media=youtube]xcPqVFUCMuY[/media]
Robert Muraine: [media=youtube]0VNO4m7qip0[/media]

victor kim is a member of flexible flav…the same crew d-trix is from as well as team quest…some of the members were watching him up in the balchony. i was kinda confused cuse steve terada a member of quest wasnt trying out…lol quest had a gig at american idol the night before.

yeah i decided i’m gonna try out for next season haha. lets see what happens.

west coast is truly the popping captial of the world.