So you think you know fighting games

I thought i did until I joined #capcom and started surfing around on youtube.
holy shit! there are so many fighting games out there it’s untrue.

please post your “wow. i can’t believe they made that” clips in this thread. some of these games are actually pretty good. i’m just posting cause i’d never heard of them.

i have a feeling fighting games died out because too many people were making them. especially shitty ones. that and online play.

tough guy


brutal paws of fury

pray for death

ossu karatebu

muscle bomber/slammasters

warzard/red earth

weaponlord savages

golden axe - the duel

final fight revenge

akatsuki blitzkampf

virtual on

tech romancer

Many of these games have their own threads already, so it’s not like they’re unknown. Other than that: