...so you thought that Arizona illegal immigrant law was the end of it, but nooooo

“The Anchor Baby Bill”


Personally, I totally understand they’re trying to eliminate the illegal immigrants, but this is a really low blow going after the kids… Sure, they were probably born to “anchor” the illegal parents in the States, but children are innocent… :bluu:

It’s almost a guarantee that the Supreme Court would strike this bill down as unconstitutional, even though the 14th Amendment has warped in meaning…


That’s usually called “closing a loophole.”

Plus, you’d figure everyone on SRK would be all up on this, since it’s going to help curb overpopulation (lol) by dissuading Mexican women from getting here and having said “anchor baby”.

whats wrong with it? are they taking existing anchor babies birth certificates away or just not giving new ones a birth certificate?

The overwhelming majority of people that don’t support this are illegal immigrants.

States can decide what is best for them. Do you live in Arizona? I have been hearing of this issue for years and guess what - actions speak louder than words.

Fuck illegal immigrants that kill 12 Americans on the daily.

I actually don’t mind this. One of this nations biggest problems are unwanted kids or kids growing up in terrible environments so they grow up to be worthless. I’m all for anything that cuts down on raising kids to be worthless.

arizona is really killing it these days. illegal immigrants (and their sympathizers) can cry all they want, but until legit immigration reform happens more and more states are gonna start passing laws meant to fuck illegals in the ass to make them leave.

that said, i don’t really see how this law could possibly be written to make it constitutional, but i’m not putting anything pass thsoe wily arizona state republicans!

This may be, but we both know that this case is going to reach the Supreme Court. And that could take a very, very long time.

how will this effect the sales of king of fighters in the US if all the mexicans are deported

Couple of things.

U.S. constitution applies to U.S. citizens I believe. If you’re here illegally you’re not protected by our constitution. And secondly, if you’re here illegally, you’re not a freed slave, you’re in this country illegally. GTFO with that shit.

Just my 0.02.

It wont lol.

Won’t make a difference, but I believe they sell videogames in Latin America too.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure what to think of this bill. The children are innocent after all.

While the immigration laws need a reform and all, there should be investigation in the countries that the immigrants come from. What is it that is making these immigrants want to leave their country?

Wait…who thought the “Arizona illegal immigrant law” would be the end of it?
These kinds of issues generally don’t resolve themselves quickly or easily.

Poverty & Crime…They want the american dream, if they work hard they can provide for their family…

And the overwhelming majority of people the support this are right wing, conservative, whitey’s.

america has enough problems without adding illegal immigrants to the equation.

Mexicans don’t buy KOFs.

They play them on bootleg MVS cabs.

The overwhelming majority of people who say shit like this and think this way should be removed from the country as well. These illegal immigrants aren’t here to support the country and help it flourish. A large number of them aren’t even here to support their families or whatever bullshit exscuse people want to use they are here to rape this country and take advantage of it.

America is the home of the free, not the free home. Gtfo with your shit.

Felt like that was the answer; I didn’t want to assume and be wrong. In that case, something needs to be done about their economies.

Hmm. My phone double-posted… five minutes apart…

This country was founded by immigrants…a lot of COCKazans are upset because in 50 years, this will no longer be a white majority country…say Spic,******,A-Rab, CHink, whatever else slur you want, but its the truth…your childrens children will probably be interracial…think about that long and hard.