So you want to be a commentator?

According to seth, commentary positions are still open, so here’s a chance to be one of the voices of evo.

Capture audio and/or video of yourself doing commentary on a match video in one of the evo games, put it online somewhere and post it up here.

If you can’t do video and audio, just post the audio at least…

Get Dog-Face.

I vote for Bryheem if it’s MVC2!

I vote for me, everyone else is disqualified

I vote for me for cvs2

no vids, no votes

jesse - oh god no

I second that. If Bryheem doesn’t get to go to Evo World, then I vote for Erik Smooth Viper aka Mr. HYPE! Or Bill Wellman aka Deus!

i still vote for me.


Also, can I make comments about boning gene’s sister or is that disallowed?

i say dogface for mvc2. that shit is too good.

final ffa mvc2 ranbat

FMJ you will invite DogFace to do MvC2 or I will repo the stick i built you back in 99!

mmds as well
put him and dogface together

I would definately not commentate over EVO Finals or something. - Vic
In this thread:

Bryheem and Bill on commentary.

no commentating please for tournament marvel please. Money matches, yes, tourney matches no. Takes away from the intensity…at least in the high level ec matches.

If it’s ffa vs ffa, go ahead and do commentary cause all you’re gonna see and hear is random this, random that, marvel is random, this game sucks, what the fuck is going on, random this, oh no what did he just do, random random, oh snap out! no he missed it, random etc…

We seriously need to start a paypal account to fly bryheem out to evo, I already got $5 on it if everyone else is dowwwn.

Bryheeeeeeeeeeeeeem FTW! "WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHO HE IS! GET’EEMMMM! :rofl: :rofl:

Yea no commentary for tourney matches, takes away from the intensity.

Can someone tell me the name of the match on Preppy’s site that has Bryheem doing commentary. I want to hear this guy in action.

One thing that has been said before that should be kept in mind is that the ‘commentary’ I assume we’re talking about is meant more for the TV audience than the live audience.

I think TV-styled commentary should be left for a DVD (:D). The emcee should have a partner that does commentary and/or in-depth analysis in between rounds and matches. At first I was interested in what in-match commentary would be like, but after last year, I feel like it’s more of a minus than a plus.