So your opponent is in the corner, and you've just activated

Please list specific strings or strategies to break your opponent’s defenses. I know most of them from play experience and gj thread, but my regular opponent is getting to the point of being able to block all the mixups and throw me out of my command throw attempts. So I’ll list some and you guys let me know what I’m missing:

strong, forward fierce
low forwardxxshoulder
low short, forward fierce
low forward, forward fierce
uoh (or forward forward), any of the ones above
tick, command throw
tick, back up, standing forward

I guess the guy I’m playing against just has really good reason, he’s able to block all the overheads and lows.

empty jump xx palm
whatever jump/divekick into whatever

you need kara command throw pressure. Uoh and hopkicks will get you hurt by any character that matters(ken, chun, dudley…urien don’t hurt but he’ll jab you.). short short super will own you after any over head scenario, unless you just block(but you probablt won’t :wink: ).

the best tricks to use are ones that keep you in throw range, and leave you with frame advantage. if he blocks low, try a rush punch, if he blocks it low, you’ll sort of float on top of him, instead of just stopping dead infront of him and getting owned. …that’ll teach him to block low. mix up strong and jab then command throws.

if you do a meaty ducking forwardxxGJ, use kara command throw to get him right after, or stand there, wait a sec, then do d.short, f.feirce.

the rush punch shit works, best for me. jab hits once, medium hits twice.
close strong, wiff short divekick is good because you can jump so quickly after it.

I used to do walk about strong a couple times, then command throw, then sometime, strong feirce dash command throw. You have to use them all, not just one.
since you play him a lot, it really doesn’t matter what you do, he’ll hit you, lol.