So you're a Lebowski, I'm a Lebowski. RIP David Huddleston


The god damned plane has crashed into the mountain!

RIP. This guy was great in O Brother Where Art Thou, too. And his voice in The Jetsons was so classic.







Seriously they couldn’t of taken Beiber or a Kardashian or someone useless. This guy was so cool at Lebowski-fest.


No amount of time can ever really be enough, but making it to 85 is a pretty good run.


I watched The Big Lebowski in theaters last weekend.


I’ve never been more certain than anything in my life.


? How


Lebowski Nights at indy theaters and Lebowski fests are a thing, like Rocky horror, not as a big.


The bums will always lose.


I guess they don’t mind they’s integrated!

R.I.P. spokesman for Whites on SRK.