So you've dizzied the opponent... [capcom games]

…and you want to combo them for Maximum Damage.

I recently got a Hyper Fighting cabinet in my basement and I’ve noticed that a lot of people aren’t capitalizing on a dizzied opponent properly. A lot of people are new to the game so I catch them doing a low Roundhouse on a dizzied opponent (which makes me want to punch them in the back of the head). So I’m hoping this can become a definitive list of bona fide, must-do, maximum damage dizzy combos.

post here what you MUST do for maximum damage for Capcom games only (because it will get too big and too obscure otherwise).

[Game] - [Character] - [Opponent’s Character]* - [Max Damage Combo]**

*the only reason i’d include the opponent’s character is because certain combos are specific to certain characters (i.e. tall characters v.s. pixie characters)

** max-damage only. no, “well it isn’t as much damage but it puts you in great position for blah, blah, blah.” all we’re interested in is max damage, the ultimate punishment for getting dizzy.

so for example: “So you’ve dizzied the opponent in Hyper Fighting and you have Ryu. What do you do for maximum damage?”

HF - Ryu - Any character - j.Fierce, st.Fierce, Fierce SRK

edit: thanks Bacardi - meant to put this in FGD to begin with.

dragon punches thread to fg

this isnt a other game

HF - Ken - Any character - Cross-up RH, st. FP, fierce SRK
HF - Dhalsim - Any character - Throw :rofl:

Any character, against any other, in any game - Throw. Then, YOU CAN’T LOSE?

-SFII titles: I always throw them
-Alpha series: Unleashed my super on them, or just threw them if i had no meter.
-MVC2: Thats easy, either unleashed my best super w/DHCs. Or if i had no meter i launched them for an air-combo.

HF - Ken - any opponent: as the opponent is waking up, do qcb+HK so that it crosses up and hits from the back, crouch LK, stand LK+HP, HP Hadoken. may be a redizzy, cause im sure it is in CE.

Alpha 3 - Ryu (A-Ism) - Any Character - j.fp, s.fp, super fireball 50% damage iirc

Tuff makes a fighting game thread?! WTF?!


A3: I proxy cancel with Guy into lvl 3 kick super. GGPO.

SF2(all variations of them): short into DP, or super. And if I’m using a 360 character, I go for an SPD.

Vs. games: That’s almost impossible to guarantee. By then, they’d usually be dead.

What is proxy cancel?

proximity cancel. kara canceling a normal that can be chained into to combo stuff like guy’s ffchain into a special or super.

Why the ultimate damage combo when you can do re-dizzy combos?

well, HF doesnt have as many redizzies as older SF games (if any).

MvC2 has dizzies? I thought only X-Men: COTA, MSH, X-Men vs Street Fighter, and MSH vs Street Fighter has dizzies.

When they get knocked up in Marvel, it’s a dizzy after 50 or so hits. But now, it does the opposite thing a dizzy is supposed to do by preventing you from following up.

It’s pretty impossible to even get a dizzy in MvC2. If you’re playing high level, you’re character is more than likely dead already before the dizzy happens.

There IS a dizzy animation in the game, but it only really pops you up into the air and resets. I think. Not too sure. Dizzies are highly uncommon in this game.

yeah that was a good idea too

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CvS2- Bison - BnB, or CC PTF

I agree. And I should know, we can smell our own.

Best thing to do when your opponent is dizzied in most games is to, taunt. Especially if your character has a good taunt, then you should taunt even when they arn’t dizzied.