i got stunned by twelve , yesterday …
i was playing aLex

i got thrown to the corner …

and guess …what


he did …
meaty air fierce , forward , IAD air jab …

what’s even more 733t is he comboed me with IAD deep air jab , c.short XX AXE XX XNDL …


Is it okay to be happy about this? Haha, I’m not sure.

I’m happy about it. Twelve pwned, instead of Ken’s fruity ass

Yes, true, it’s always a pleasure in hearing lower tiers defeating top tiers, but I was worried more about the dude’s self asteem. :xeye:

Interesting thing, a Ken player did EX hurricane over my Twelve, landed half a screen away, EX NDL caught him since Twelve was facing away from Ken, it popped Ken straight towards Twelve, prolly could’ve gone into a XNDL juggle if I wasn’t so surprised how far behind Twelve the EX NDL appeared. Interesting.

Yeah I’ve gotten into that before. It’s because EX NDL has homing capabilities, so it thwarts cross up situations. But I don’t recomend EX NDL to XNDL, unless you bar, it’ll kill them and it’s the last round. So you get a stylish win.

I’ve tried using EX NDL to stop cross-ups several times but either my timing sucks or it’s just not that effective. Probably my timing sucks. Nothing beats the old walk under, throw trick anyway.

yeah walk under to throw is good. But yeah is timing is prolly off. Because for Twelve’s realm, the EX NDL has good priority, he ducks whiel doing it, homing ability, anti-air (kinda), comes out quick. So there’s almost no reason that it can’t beat a cross-up.

Well yeah, exactly. It’s something I almost never think about doing really. Guess it’s useful to know if you’re up against a Ken cross-up MK whore. But then almost everything about that entire match-up sucks anyway, not just his cross-up.

nah, there’s so many Ken players (scrubs, noobs n pros) to really learn what Ken can do, can’t, what u can & can’t punish. U wanna bad match-up for Twelve, then try Akuma or Elena. Not saying that Ken can’t pwn 12, but it’s not as hard.

Ken is Twelve’s worst match-up. By far. I don’t see what makes Akuma a tougher match-up for Twelve. Air hurricane kick? If Akuma is going to spend that much time in the air, st. FP his ass. Demon flip? Same thing. LP SRK? Yup but Ken has the same thing, plus Ken can do a kara double SRK, plus Ken has better defence than Akuma, so it’s not even that big a risk for him.

It’s theory fighter, sure, but Akuma isn’t as much of a problem to Twelve as Ken. Neither of them are nice match-ups but Ken is much harder for Twelve to beat than Akuma.

Elena is also tough, granted, but nothing like Ken.

well I’ve played so many Kens that this match pretty easy for me to win. But who cares, Ken is a over-rated scrub!