So this weekend I was playing against my friend’s Ken.

Now I played Yang and Chun against him, and some weird stuff happened.

When I played him with Yang, I knocked him down, and did a meaty cr. mp, then walk up hop kick. He did a cr. mk. What happened was I went over his whole body with the hop kick and crossed him on the other side.

Same thing happened with Chun, only this time it was her dash that went over it and crossed to the other side.

I’m going to be testing it to make sure and get on vid to try and illustrate it, but I wanted to see if anyone can know why this happened?

I’ve always understood ground crossups to occur when one or more characters are considered airborn and their centers cross. This can be done wit UOH as well as the overhead hop kick you mentioned, but also dashes. Check Mopreme’s ground crossup video. It’s not that weird considering characters’ centers (base point of reference) move a lot during normals in 3S (see kara-throws). Shoto C.MK moves you forward when you cancel into something which shows you that the center moves ahead there too. Another example of this happening that is less surprising is Ibuki’s f+MK hop kick. Nobody’s surprised whent that crosses up, but it’s the same principle.